Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts22

11 Feb

Nothing is ever left behind. What is left behind is only a want to gain back what has already been lost.

When you understand the ways of the world and still you find yourself amidst clouds of confusion. That’s when you begin to understand human nature.

Love transcends each and every limitation of human interaction.

When we move too fast, the people who are left behind, their memories get rarefied. 

Nothing really remains the same and it changes ever so slightly that it’s easy to miss what changed.

The greatest quote is one, not by great men, but one to which you connect greatly.

When you can look back and sternly pinpoint your mistakes and misadventures, you can know that you have grown up.

The biggest deterrent to a man’s success (in most of the cases) is not poverty or lack of opportunity. It is his own laziness.

Whether we are practical or emotional, we end up hurting one or the other. 

We can get more of money, power and success but one thing that we cannot get more of, is time.

People you meet, work and live with are the real teachers in life.

There is an invisible air of delusion that sweeps this place.

To feel responsible is the first step towards acting responsibly.

It’s only after you let go, that you can move forward.

Most people do not realise the shortcomings of their life, those who do are the ones constantly fighting happiness.

Love is that butterfly in the wild that you can see, catch, trap, marvel at or maybe preserve it after it dies but can never own.

No one piece of art, literature or sculpture can convey the full-scale human emotions and achievements because they are all conceived by one man at a time.

Why philosophy is so important? Because it is the extract, it is the one sentence for the things that have happened a thousand times, it is the one word that describes a whole aspect of life.

What is the ultimate aim of a life, is it limited to deluding oneself into sports, arts, money, family, career, travel, servitude etc or getting really delusional or wasted or something higher, something that has never been thought of or written about?

Everybody has a central theme in life, which is the blueprint, about which and according to which they want to create their ‘life monument’. For some its money, career/success, parents, a lover maybe, and then there are people who are still yearning to find out their blueprint, lastly the people who neither have nor want to find out theirs.

An extremist can never be loved and without being one you cannot succeed and if one is in the limbo between these two places, he does not get best of both the worlds.

Why does a man who have had too much of solitude wants a gregarious company and one who is surrounded wants solitude?

People can act noble and diabolical circumstantially.

Take your hands out of the pocket and work.

Always be a little hungry and a little tired, so that the next meal and rest are savoured.

There is so little in life that actually matters.

We are so different if we know we are being observed.

If you can support the wishes and desires of your own self, you can be the master of your destiny.

It’s not who you are, it’s what you represent.

People do wrong out of ignorance not intent.

To die in tied laces.

There is a difference between loving for a relation and loving for a reason.

Often the best ideas come when you slow down and take a break.

It is only when you remove the unimportant clutter from your life and mind that you make space for high quality stuff.

Only those people supplicate who does not have a choice.

Take note of times, places and people where you made exceptions. These are close to your heart.

There is another stage of linguistic determinism. When in a language you only know the words for the things you love or hate the most.

Most people are semi-sheep.

The laws of nature are universal, they apply to everything. The laws of philosophy are not universal and so they should be. We need to have exceptions for people we love.

All people are vain, for different things.

Some vanities are exaggerated, and others are downplayed.

Don’t mull over what they might be thinking, you have no idea!

Sometimes, concepts say too much and too little but by wringing out the details they do decrease the cognitive load.

Periodisation of time is another concept derived from a percept.

Lack of a person to talk to, is not always bad for the most important conversations are the one you have with yourself.

Saying everything you feel like and not saying things you didn’t feel like are equally hurtful.

A deficiency in one’s life creates the void which is filled with an excess of something else.

A balanced life is one that has no deficiencies.

To have a good sleep every day is success.

Life in retrospect is a collection of memories and regrets.

Know your place before you speak. 

Passing judgement on people is bad but you cannot live without it. As it is necessary to keep your mind decluttered and move on.

Never put yourself in a position where you disagree with your actions.

You are the master of your own doings. 

There are two kinds of life problems, one that come incidentally, occurring that is outside our control and the other one is regret of our past doings. While we cannot prevent the first one, the second one is pretty much under our control.

Most things in life, do not and do not have to make sense.

Logical inconsistencies are opportunities to expand intellectual horizons, but personality inconsistencies are abhorrent. For it shows the lack of integrity.

The connection one has with someone who they cannot see, touch, hear, smell but only feel is so intimate.

Some kind of love is like a night of heavy drinking enjoyable fun but then the breakup is like the terrible hangover that lurks and last longer than the party.

It is ironic that a terrible hangover can give a lot of perspective.

Joy in despair.

Let go of meaning of life, since there is no proof of all the earlier claims of religion, ethics, morality and so on.

There are many qualities and virtues one can have, good mannerisms, politeness, honesty and so on. Many, rather most people are judged based on these qualities preventing a look at the most important quality of all. Integrity.

How much we indulge other people is a reflection of our bond with them.

I long to talk to someone before sleeping, I don’t know who that person is, it could be anybody. After all, the longing is still there. I’m glad it hasn’t died.

Never start a fight, but always finish it.

If a favour is done out of emotion, it is not selfless.

If not for death everything will lose meaning and become inconsequential, all experiences will become arbitrary.

A plethora of choices can be paralysing and be a serious obstacle for happiness.

It’s only the worst of the experiences that transforms our perspective most radically.

There are some experiences that one can only have when they have spent months at a place, years at a craft and decades with someone.

A system with rigid norms is like a brick house in the San Francisco Bay area.

Once, even ties had a function.

People can love and hate for a motive!

Wanting to have positive thought is a negative thought and accepting your negative thoughts is a positive thought.

Progress is that humans these days submit to dogma and practice fanaticism less for their belief in it but more for their motives, that’s progress.

English is the Frankenstein of Languages, and that is one of its beauty.

Communication these days has become less about ‘What are they saying?’ to more about ‘How do I feel hearing that?’

Don’t read negative intent in an ambiguous situation. Don’t read yourself!

There is unbelievable amount of shit in our minds.

I accept, I was not as understanding before as I am now, and I cannot promise, if I will remain as I am now. But I will always do my best.

A person’s humility maybe rooted in his incapability to be arrogant, watch out for that!

A virus that sparked Xenophobia and Nationalism, unravelled subterranean racism and evinced the undertone of all global rationalism – Neoliberalism. A virus!

If it is suffocating, any sentient being would want to escape.

It is sad when disappointment overshadows regret.

Plan in weeks for you can control them tightly or plan in years for you can correct yourself from any amount of deviation. Months are just too inconvenient.

I feel good and it’s only going to get better.

Before any compromises can be made, we all ask ourselves, ‘what do we value more, the person or the feeling?’

Beware, before you fill the voids of someone’s personality in your mind with your imagination.

If you do not have the courage to claim what you want, then you will have only what you are given.

An indispensable ingredient of happiness is satisfaction.    

The ‘Mean’ by Aristotle.

Only the powerful have the luxury of choice.

Until you are breathing it means you are surviving. So, you haven’t lost, you are never defeated.

If nothing, solemn acceptance of simplicity of life and grandeur of its offerings, not wanting to jump over the fence to the other side and trying to be someone you are not, is enough.

What is the ultimate aim of life? To be happy. No, it is to make others happy as a way to make yourself happy.

Not everything can be stored, saved, repaired or rebuilt.

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts14

9 Feb

Now, even they have become a part of history.

Everyone’s milestones in their lives are predestined, your efforts only determine the paths you will take between them when you go from one to the other, how long will it take? how much will you enjoy that phase? Will you be smiling or cursing depends on you and not anyone else.

At the end of your life, you might or might not have achieved all the milestones in your life that were destined for you because maybe you spent too much time in between worrying about things that really did not matter, or better yet, you spent too much time enjoying one of the journeys.

Not all fatalists are determinists.

The very same things said by different people have different impacts, it depends on the value of the person who is saying not the said thing itself.

Life is not so small, that can get affected by one event, one person or failures.

You can touch my body but not my heart.

Isn’t it beautiful and an accomplishment that you woke up from a restful sleep, that you breathe well, that you have everything you need to take care of yourself, you are exercising, eating good, have family and some friends that care for you deeply. What more can you ask for?

Why are we always looking for the voids in our life and not the things that are bountiful?

Why don’t we spend enough time in being thankful for the things that we have and instead keep sulking at the loss or absence of things?

The need of Love or the notion of ‘your person’ is more an enforced idea than an innate need. You don’t need it for living, although it ‘might’ make your life better. You have so many things that other people do not have; Love is just another thing.

Happiness is receiving a letter from a friend after long.

Humility is one of the best qualities, also the least rated.

People should be judged by when they are at the height of their power. People at the bottom have no choice other than being humble by virtue of their character or circumstance, you would never be able to tell.

It’s not a crisis if you are having a difficult time, it is when your response to a difficult time is by alcohol or depression or the inability to get up.

When you’ll walk the earth, there will be ridges and furrows but if you see steps uphill, know that god wants you to make the effort. Choice is yours.

You should be in a place of authority to negotiate; you should be able to say no.

We always observe what’s going on around us, give yourself time with yourself so you can see what’s going on inside of you.

All days are not the same.

A bad day should only teach you what you are not supposed to repeat.

The outside world is always going to be the same what keeps changing is the world inside of you.

There is a difference between making someone feel nice for their happiness or making them feel nice for your own happiness.

Meditation is nothing but letting your inner thoughts out. It could be a five-minute morning routine or a perpetual process, if you’re courageous enough to face your hintergedanken.

If you have to prove yourself every day to someone. It’s not your place.

Let your mind be at rest and let it entertain the idea that you proposed to it. You can know what your mind wants just by detaching yourself from it and becoming an observer.

There are somethings which go and leave you in peace.

Not all things you lose, leave you with regret.

A person who does not love you anymore becomes incredulous after some time.

You need to stop speaking when you realise that your words are falling flat.

When you start realising that your actions have consequences, you are growing up; When you start accepting those consequences you are moving further; When you can be content and even happy with them, you are almost there.

So, we are fine, and we are okay. At least that is what we tell people when asked.

Excellence requires eccentricity, the society normatively advocates against it. Therefore, the society will always pull you down on your path towards excellence, to overcome that is not a barrier to be jumped but a pre-requisite to be fulfilled.

You can tell me, which version of me would you like to talk to? The good one or the true one?

I should warn you that the latter would be not be a very pleasant choice.

One should know, when his body needs sleep and when his mind needs to wake up.

The body is the carrier of the mind.

I could never draw preference on whether the external confidence- that shows you are comfortable and in control, is more important or the internal confidence- that says it’s going to be alright no matter what happens. The only distinction I could draw is that you need the former more than the latter.

I wake up to e-mails, I live the day by WhatsApp and Instagram, I see people on Facebook, I Have dinner conversations with Netflix, YouTube is my lullaby. Such are the days.

The feeling when you read an innovative research article and are able to understand that and tell yourself, I could come up with that idea in original if I would have worked or thought about it earlier. This feeling should tell you that you should try to position and finally poise yourself in a place where you are able to actually do that or you will be wasting your life.

You actually learn the art of human resource management when you manage them, after all those books were written only and based after people like you and me had all these experiences, some of which are still not recorded in any books.

Humans are not like horses, if you pull the reins too hard then they’ll stop. If you let them on with loose reins then they will set themselves completely free.

We judge people for their values based on our values and experiences and not theirs. So, our judgement does not reflect their values but ours in action.

The universe will always be fair to you. Believe in it. It will give you what you need and sometimes what you deserve, It will take away from you what you don’t need and sometimes things that are hurtful. But, one thing is for sure that it will keep nurturing you, you only need to let it.

The universe will take care of you.

You need to realise, how incredibly efficient you become at doing something, if you focus on one thing at a time.

For me the most beautiful thing is when someone thinks of me, it’s like a light bug in the darkness, a bright star or a moon in the night. It is one of the best feelings to be remembered.

The ensnaring shackles of our decisions.

Rather than lamenting on what all have passed and is now irrevocable, focus on what lays ahead. Prepare for receiving it like a good host.

The best way to learn if you have an interest is to practice it for sometime and see if it dies out, in which case it was just a fling with the subject. It might even grow on you and take you deeper in it, in which case it will be your one true love.

A person who reaches out to take a selfie with you is seriously thinking about you.

When you give people information, you give them power over yourself.

A miscommunication between two people leading up to a divide spreads like a virus in their mutual social network affecting others.

We spend nearly one third of our life at workplace, we should make the most of it, including respecting and learning from our colleagues.

You will be able to both, go to and appreciate reclusion, only after you have had a rich social life.

Simplicity is a force.

Imagine, how must it feel to have lived your entire life at a single place.

Those who often look back have the highest chance of being hit and stalled.

Things having a certain degree of complexity attracts different people differently.

Some people benefit you by staying in your life, some people have the same effect when they leave.

I am a person who puts 12 alarms every five minute for the waking hour. But not the kind of person who needs to keep their watch ahead of time in order to be on or before time.

If today is a good day, that doesn’t mean that all days ahead are going to be the same. If today is a bad day, it doesn’t mean that all days ahead are going to be the same. It is that simple.

Your word is you, keep it untainted.

Devotion and sacrifice are powerful things.

I have been dismayed but never was despondent.

I’m between an agnost and atheist, a believer in universe.

Wallow deep in my pity.

Society, they always have something to say.

There is a difference between self-doubt and knowing your limits.

Everyone has their own priorities, and they will rarely coincide with yours, only by chance. How can you expect lunar eclipses to happen every day?

Do less, do essential, do better.

Try to indulge in short escapes of reflections and contemplation every now and then and be prepared for when the novelty subsides you will have to face yourself again.

In the cosmic scale of things your life is but a blip.

Everything in life is in flux.

A global health cooperation can be envisioned as the highest ideal of humankind, for being beyond the ideal that it should be, it would act as a collective propellant of all of humanity – Social, technological and economic development. An Open world health system!

No, I don’t hate you, I am just deeply disappointed in you. It takes me aback to know that I will have to live with that.

You will hate people and mankind a lot less when you realise that people are not bad categorically, they are just people; whereas some rise above that.

You will always have temptations, it’s only natural and healthy but resisting the temptation is virtuous.

My life is a marathon not a sprint.

Grit- Eyes on a long-term goal with a lasting commitment and motivation to make it a reality.

A pretentious liar is more dangerous than a man with a gun because he doesn’t want you to even try to defend yourself.

No one is happy or sad, some people are sometimes happy, some people are sometimes sad.

I feel that my capacity to feel has diminished.

The reason of any quality is neoliberal economics’ a.k.a. Capitalism

People are not paid according to the value they generate or what they are worth they are paid according to what they are able to negotiate.

Human beings are not perfectly rational or selfish maximiser as per the tenets of neoliberal economics, they are highly cooperative.

Neoliberal economics is a pseudoscience not a natural law.

Economics is a dismal science; market forces can be likened to an invisible hand the supplier says this is the value of my product or service the customer says this is what I’m willing to pay for it.

UHC is based on solidarity and an assumption that at Least some of us are altruistic and on the fact that inequalities lead to loss of productivity and negatively affects the economy.

A health system that is functionally based on prevention and promotion of health and structurally based on primary healthcare is both more efficient and sustainable.

It’s easy to be deep, much difficult to be fun.

There are many stages to grief, they say, as per Kübler Ross model they are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. But, to me they came in all together. I had accepted the loss but still I try to deny it in my mind.

Weed out disturbing thoughts from your mind as you would, one from your garden, if you want it to be beautiful.

There is something that fascinates me about death. It is like the urgency of an examination hall or a 90 minute game that could never let your spirit die. It’s ironical, how easily we lose sight of that and become sloths in our own unique way.

We humans are only afraid of one thing, ‘the unknown’. That is why, knowledge is power.

There are two kinds of losses we incur as we go on in our lives, some that can be amend and some that demand us to learn to live with it.

You are powerful when you can negotiate anything with the world and are capable of accepting whatever the outcome may be.

From a state of shock, I moved to a state of disenfranchised grief. I made walls around me, that people couldn’t see but only feel.

You cannot accommodate everyone in your life, even nature has a carrying capacity.

A man is a mixture of good and bad habits.

Peace and happiness cannot coexist together.

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts13

4 Feb

Sometimes, your victory is having it in your terms. Sometimes, it is letting the other have it in their terms. It depends on what you feel for the person.

If you want to make peace with someone, tell them the truth.

Do we understand each other, or do we want to understand each other?

All coward people and some wise men have mastered the art of controlling their anger.

Weak people wait for an opportune moment to act.

You’re not asking for too much, you’re asking the wrong person.

Nobody wants to make an active choice of solitude at least not for the first time.

At some point you got to give up your oars and build a sail and let the winds carry you adrift.

As we grow up, the number of people in our social network keep multiplying but the number of people in our hearts keep diminishing.

I am open to believing that I might be wrong, but I am not willing to make assumptions all along the way.

All you need is good music and a goal.

My life will not be about choosing curtains and crockery.

I know that my path from here onwards is going to be dark and full of contempt. But, in this darkness, I want to see not the darkness but the light of where I’m headed, I know it is going to get brighter and brighter pulling me towards it.

Be aware of the fact that your time becomes more valuable with the passage of time.

It is a fresh page; we are making a new start with no expectations or authority.

You have no power or authority over any other living being. Let them be, let them make their own choices and do what pleases them most.

Some people are in love for themselves. It’s like dog love, they pet him as long as they want to feel better and then tie him in the kitchen.

The dream is always better than the reality.

Loving someone and wanting to spend your whole life with someone is not the same.

Who would hold your hand? just to make you feel better, just for that.

Hard work and entitlements shape a person’s character in opposite directions.

A person cannot change his upbringing and the experiences he has had until a certain age after which he should take the helm of his life’s ship, be the captain and moor the ship whenever, wherever and however he wants.

The clouds are always changing.

There is nothing in nature that remains the same, there is nothing in nature that is not subject to change. How can we wish to control something that governs all of us not by authority but by being?

Love is but a distraction.

It’s important to give your feelings to only those who keep them safe and maybe nurture them. It is very important.

At any point of time, we are but an aggregation and culmination of our thoughts.

The less distractions you have, the more focused you are and vice versa.

If you stay strong enough for a good amount of time, everything will be alright.

There is a difference between a problem and a misunderstanding.

Most issues we have with our lives are because we don’t say with honesty what we want, to others and to ourselves.

In my imagination PhD thesis is the ability to stand at a knowledge point where you can put it on a piece of paper on one end and be able to deliver it in an hour-long discourse on the other.

I flow like a river with feelings, my water.

People’s insecurities make them do things that they never imagined.

Insecurity can take you to a lot of places.

I don’t want to have a conversation with ideas half cooked, it would simply be unfair to both parties.

I’m usually a strong person, so it takes an even stronger person than me to hold me and my heart when they are at breaking point.

It is never too late to realise that the other person is not for you.

You can be made for each other but still not suited to each other.

‘But’ and ‘If’ are the strongest words in parlance that shoulders the highest emotional weight.

The fear of being opinionated halts self-discovery.

Knowing oneself is the only thing you are truly capable of, rest is just extrapolation, projections, and expectations.

Being in the moment is the only thing that you can own in this life ‘the moment’, one that is always fleeting, just like the butterfly that you think you can catch but you cannot even hold a watch on it for more than a moment.

The only thing that should be normal is you, rest is the outside world, that’s busy in finding its own normal.

People can lie and not let themselves know they are lying; they can deceive and not know that they just did.

We create barriers after barriers in front of us to not let anyone from coming in but what happens is that it eventually becomes our own prison.

A person who doesn’t like music, children and roses is not human.

Some people are so good at deceiving that they don’t even let themselves know what they are doing.

When you lose the value of someone’s word, they are as good as dead for you.

You can judge the worth of a person in your life by the value, their words have for you.

Memories are just a way to keep you attached to the past, it’s our duty to use it wisely.

You can’t heal bullet holes by flowers.

Everyone has a purpose to serve in your life. When they are done, thank them and let them go.

Food for thought – The period just after a breakup is usually a very creative and productive space.

The idea is to continue to get better.

A good politician knows how to please everyone.

It is neither your duty to tell people how they are nor a necessity for them to know.

Everyone’s has their own struggle in life.

Those who haven’t earned their life are still lost.

If you can look up, you’ll see that life is an upward spiral.

Individualism is so selfish.

What is a social interaction? A hollow and empty conversation filled with ready-made lines is certainly not one.

I didn’t give importance to money when I started earning because I was young and naïve; I didn’t give importance to money even after I was thirty and until now because I realised.

You never thought on your own, you just listened to the world and the people in it and said the same.

People in the development sector are constantly meeting new people and are usually subsumed in negotiations and compromises whereas people in the business of creative expression are free from any such obligations.

The reason why I take ‘things’ seriously is because I take things seriously.

I smoke because each cigarette gives me the moment, I need every once in a while.

If you could see me in pain and still think about some other thing, that’ll be the last thing I’ll need to know.

Growing up is not only knowing what’s right or wrong, but also the ability to ignore what does not matter anymore.

I’m going to do something that I haven’t done a lot in life, I’m going to stay at the same place, do the same thing every day, have a routine, improve myself.

Tell the truth to a person only if they can handle it, some people are better off without knowing it.

There are only two kinds of careers one that deals with people, the development sector and one that deals with yourself, art. I advise every young man and woman to first make this distinction and then make a choice.

Control your mind, for only then will you have the rein on life.

If you cannot excel at something, at least be a nice person.

If at one point I could accept that I’ll never be able to walk again and live with it, I can live with anything.

Do not waste your energy in trying to think about the others and how they feel. Be earnest in your approach, help them, laugh with them but when you think something is necessary or excessive, stop! 

When you live alone, your thought power increases.

She loved me for herself.

Help is only helpful if it is being perceived as being helpful by those who are being helped.

How do you treat a person when you feel you are in complete control, defines you, your moral weight and character.

Why do we miss the people that leave us and go and why don’t we have an equal level of excitement for all the people that are going to come in our lives?

Why cannot we have an inclination towards the future rather than the past.?

Are we free? when we make a choice out of our freedom, it irrevocably binds us to its consequence and it continues to happen, we think we are free but with every choice we entangle ourselves more and more.

You don’t need to need something to cherish a gift.

One of the most complicated things have the simplest answer.

With time, I’ll be stronger.

We are always aware of the consequences of our actions, except sometimes, we don’t care about them.

So, it’s not the consequences but how much do we care about them is what dictates our actions.

I will be sad when you are sad and happy when you are happy, sometimes the opposite, but we will never know.

An unfulfilled wish is an elegant symbol of the life.

If you get everything in life, then there is no fun in it.

The state of being incomplete is beautiful, for it is full of possibilities.

If you have done everything that you planned to do in your life, your life is a great tragedy.

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts12

4 Feb

When you don’t even compare to animals, you should know your place.

Love is not about feeling better, it’s about making the other feel better. It’s not about loving yourself; it’s about loving the other person.

Loving a dog is so different than loving a person. It’s not mutual, you are training him to love you.

No knowledge or wisdom in the world can make you a better person, either you are a good person, or you are not.

Somethings you can see clearly only when you see them yourself, up close and carefully.

It’s about carrying one another in times of need and in times of happiness.

Try to spend your life with someone, who makes you feel good about yourself.

There is only so much you can ignore.

If you ignore all the signs and keep telling yourself that it’ll be fine, well, after some time, It surely wouldn’t.

Always carry your own headphones.

The things that are unacceptable in others are our greatest fears and not their bad.

Love is and until when you are able to see the best in others no matter how they are and what they do.

Love starts and ends at acceptance.

You need to go far to discover yourself.

Let’s all get lost in what we love.

Emotions are not bound by language.

Living alone for far too long? A melancholy inevitable.

Belief in the veracity of others is not credulity.

So, I’m going to smoke a cigarette and tell myself that it is fine.

A man needs distraction, that’s all.

Sometimes, things are scattered in our minds. We just need a day off to organise it.

Ask yourself uncomfortable questions.

These days people are obsessed with pictures, good ones. When they look best, are dressed well, in a beautiful place or with someone special because they know that it’s not going to last forever because things however grand or formidable are prone to decay.

In part, they are right and in part they are just brimming with fear and non-acceptance of the fact of the matter – Everything has a timeline.

Love is usually of little significance, it’s the other things.

When only a few things amaze you and still fewer disappoint you. You need to contemplate.

Don’t try to eliminate the element of convenience in a relationship, only try to figure out if it’s the driving force.

Our bond was as strong and effortless as the gravity of the earth and the moon.

Never force creativity.

The feeling of loving is the best seconded only by the feeling of being loved.

Life is a road and everyone along the way is your companion.

Love is a balancing act, it shouldn’t be.

We and our feelings often respond, they shouldn’t.

The weight of the ring is immense.

I go from simple to complicated like a flip of a switch.

All favours and care are a veiled self-fulfilment at some level.

Destiny is the acceptance of what we cannot change or revolt against.

Feminism and slave trade have so much in common, it was what people could do so they did it.

I have patience but I cannot lose my self-respect.

I derive pleasure from very simple things,  

One needs honesty, brutal honesty with oneself to know what he really wants.

There are no rules in the house, just understanding.

Just remember one thing, don’t argue together.

In times of crisis, you become another person. A stronger version of yourself.

There are so many people in this world, interesting and uninteresting, kind and harsh, fun and boring, caring and hurtful. Why should I bind myself with just one for the rest of my life? Give me a good reason.

What could you call your desires, ones you don’t want to be fulfilled?

Why is it important to forgive yourself and move on, because when it comes to that, there is no other option than to forgive oneself, no matter how horrendous things we might have done.

The feeling that the other person is stupid is usually mutual.

Some feelings take years to mature.

When someone’s sadness is above your happiness, you should know that you are in trouble.

We need to face the facts, the reality, most of all, we need to face ourselves.

We just need to be simple with the other person and life is enjoyable with pretty much anyone.

I need some strength, from you, you need the same from me.

To feel that you are in a wrong place, that you shouldn’t be here is the worst feeling of the whole world.

Love is not a beautiful thing; it hurts most of the time. We just accept it because we don’t know any better.

The world has been made too complex by the mandates made of mist that we see everywhere.

Know your place before you speak.

You cannot lose what wasn’t yours, you will not lose what is yours.

The only things that you will lose with time are the misconceptions.

You will eventually do things that you want to do.

Life does not become hard as we grow, it just becomes real.

Accommodate your own interests.

Morals are not universal; we choose to not apply them even when we have them. The use of moral code is very selective.

Immoral acts do not mean the absence of moral code.

The most common type of people floating around is opportunists.

We are just friends and I can already see us getting old interestingly.

Mornings are so full of energy; everything takes half the effort.

We all are full of energy and potential already, we just need to find it and then channelize it in the direction we want.

We’re all just victims, of our own fate. Some suffer while some sail.

People who don’t have a lot in their life usually seek comfort in a partner for life, people who have seen the world and have embraced it with both hands don’t need one particular person, they have everyone. But, when these people want not the world but the one, it’s sad and beautiful.

Even an auto-biographer wouldn’t compare with a person with whom we share our life, who knows us best.

Peace is when you want something and also do not want it.

There is a difference between wanting something and being okay without. The former is a choice, and the latter is merely acceptance.

If you live by logic, then you are sure to have a lot of friction and arguments with people not because people don’t have it but because they ignore it to their advantage.

During the course of a relationship, our feelings change, we fall in an out of love with the same person many times. It’s most difficult when we feel away, it’s hard to even recognise the person we used to love. Here is where some people leave, and others stay. I will always stay.

Everyone and I mean everyone will seem interesting at first and boring later. Only for a few though, we associate values bigger than ‘interesting’ and we internalise interest in them.

Before making any decision, evaluate whether it’s your values/principles or your peace of mind that is more important.

Divorces happen when one of the partners usually the unhappy one who is also, more often than not, the weaker and the less successful one, while all along was clinging like a parasite has now found an opportunity, more like a steppingstone.

You would hardly find a person who reveals his intentions and carries them out regardless of convenience.

For me, love is a very internal thing, close to my heart. It does not get affected by things that happen in the outside world not even by the person they’re for.

Allow yourself some time, let the time pour like unchecked rain, it will gravitate to what needs it the most.

I’m always ready to face the consequences of my actions. Whether fair or unfair.

If you have basic goodness in you, you are already better than so many people.

In a global setting especially the development sector, money is not money, it is the transaction, an order, a form of communication and a response.

MDGs and SDGs apart from other things highlight the paramount importance of coordination amongst the different sectors.

I have forgotten two things, good and bad, to seek help and to complain.

If you want to be at peace with someone, tell them the truth.

Philosophy is my friend; I confide in it.

You do fall out of love, but only after falling in it and giving yourself truly.

Falling in love is like falling from a cliff. You could either die with impact and you never come back to the surface, you become part of the water. Otherwise, you soon realise that you are out of breath and you want to come back to the surface, in which case if there is something that catches your legs, it only troubles you. But your survival skills will carry you to the surface, to yourself. You cannot kill yourself knowingly.

That’s why I say, do not give anyone, anything, more than they deserve.

If you want people to be fair with you,

Start by being fair with them.

You always fall in love with an imaginary person and then if you’re lucky, you find them in the person you think you love.

Your expectations will rise in proportion to your efforts, mind it.

You can’t expect other people to think like you, at best you can expect them to be kind.

Sometimes love is not enough.

Sometimes you are not enough.

Strong people manifest their personality,

Weak people manifest opportunity.

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts11

4 Feb

In a world of limited resources, approaching cost effectiveness can potentially increase the value of the available resources.

It’s an exhilarating process to know oneself as one ages, but with courage, honesty and the right amount of disclosure to the outside world. You can then, go on, on a path where you will be alone for sure but you will always be there with yourself.

I have realised that I do not need another person to make me happier. I can be quite content and satisfied with my own life and maybe more productive. It is a subtle yet the strongest epiphany of my life.

A person who does not lend himself to indulgences of social obligations and fake gestures is not necessarily cold or rude, maybe he is efficiency oriented.

The only thing that is holding me back right now is the lack of focus and by that I do not mean I am not sincere with what I am doing, it’s just that I am doing a lot of things at the same time.

There is always so much more to discover about the other person no matter how much you already know, they can always surprise you. But, two particular situations which are goldmines of such information are when someone is angry or happy.

I am always particularly intrigued by how people change when they gain absolute power or at least feel that they are in such a position that they cannot be affected by another person.

It evokes a layer of feelings when you feel yourself capable of a lot of things but also realise very well the absolute finitude of life. The upper layer of this feeling is perplexity because we are faced with an immediate choice and the understanding of the gravity of the choice is just too burdensome. But, layer after layer as go deeper and uncover what is it that we really want is our own path of salvation.

Only you can develop yourself,

Only you can protect yourself,

Only you can serve yourself, 


Someone can nurture you,

Someone one can care for you,

Someone can love you.

If you have truly given yourself to someone, you will never have yourself back.

The person who loves you truly and I say truly for a reason, will never judge you adversely.

My father may not be a perfect person but because of the choices, decisions and sacrifices that he made, I am what I am.

When we want everything only on our terms, it cannot be love.

You can never have the right to be harsh with someone, no matter what or how much you have done for them.

Food habits can tell a lot about a person, How easily they get bored, are they passionate, do they value themselves, from where they are coming, upbringing, discipline, greed, sharing, self-control.

Satisfaction and happiness are two concepts not very far from each other.

I feel my fingers while typing thanks to the guitar that I’ve been playing.

The ability to create a dome of higher consciousness in the midst of chaos.

Juliet- O now be gone, more light and light it grows.

Romeo- More light and light, more dark and dark our woes.

Lover’s feelings are like tidal waves, it’s just natural to have highs and lows.

If you demand absolute respect without looking down, you are a tyrant either in the making or at least in aspiration.

We allow a great change in the state of our mind for a small change in the state of our lives. That’s unfair. We need to realise that even tragedy can be dealt with, with composure.

I’m a driftwood, still taking shape.

The contentment we feel after a desire has been eradicated is the same, no matter how we achieved it.

Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

The ability to pay attention differentiates between mediocrity and excellence.

The first step towards humility and away from arrogance is honestly asking yourself whether you have more than you deserve.

The first step to self-exploration is asking yourself honest and sometimes uncomfortable questions but it can only be accomplished if we follow it with admittance and courage to withstand revelation.

Closed caverns, they stink; open spaces they don’t.

Sometimes we expect an angel to guide us home.

Other times, we are just more realistic and do it ourselves.

These are the only two states we find us divided in.

Never speak more than the truth, especially when drunk.

The only absolute is what we feel for each other, everything else is just imaginary.

If human intellect were to separate humans from animal in practice not only in theory, a substantial proportion would still to waiting to graduate to humankind.

Sometimes, all you need to know is that there is someone who has your back, no matter what!

Happiness is in the baseline.

Everyone has their own scales and preferences, some of us live in a bubble, let them. Some of us can see much more. Conflict occurs when these two people collide.

You can never really follow an advice or agree with something, until it reverberates with your inner voice.

The value of culture should be limited to stimulating ourselves intellectually and not about hoarding artefacts.

All good things are based on faith, the faith that it will be good.

People will take care of you when they have time and inclination.

I don’t mind the solitude, but some company would be nice.

It scares me sometimes to know that I cannot go back to who I was.

It doesn’t take much to realise what does a person feel for you except maybe courage.

When you’re too used to be strong, it becomes difficult to ask for help, worse is to realise that people start leaving you on your own.

There is an unusual link between solitude and creativity.

Sometimes we need company, despite a pleasurable solitude, a company with no conversations.

What have I got to lose?

Be thankful, more and more.

There is only you who can look after your interests and you should. Everybody else can just presume that they do, but don’t let them go through the trouble, do it yourself!

I can never come to respect weak people, then the only way of associating with them is by love and sadly everyone is not lovable.

They lived in an age which was way ahead of them or that they were far behind their time. The world was relatively complex for their simple understanding.

I carry with me bits of my dream in the day.

There is a lot one can tell about a person’s character just by the things they do in their daily life and how they do it.

It doesn’t always take testing times to reveal a person’s character. It is unfolding in every moment, even in the mundane things of daily life.

There is a reason why women chop vegetables and men chop wood.

There is no prerequisite to happiness.

Che Guevera noted in his road trip the sufferings of people. I noted in mine, people living their life the best they can, the struggle of life as with everyone. So, I guess I’m not for a revolution but letting the world be.

It might not be possible to have the perfect things, but you can always make a perfect moment out of anything.

You should not be too fast, nor too slow on the road, just like life.

Life and the road have a lot of similarities.

When you realise that there is everyone for himself first, you’ll feel so much better. Never sad.

We are usually taught to prioritise the destination over the way.

Life is taught to us like a greyhound race, running after an artificial lure on the whims of people who have some sort of stake in us. I want to teach my kids to choose their own race and sometimes to choose not to partake in any race.

Intimacy is when one starts to see the flaws of the other as eccentricities of character.

Philosophy is like looking at the world from an airplane window, you don’t exactly know what’s going on down below, but you have a very good idea of everything.

First step towards happiness, stop comparing!

I could never learn to make a face, that has been my weakness.

The frivolity of human heart can leave you stranded, invited and unwelcomed.

Love is all about being kind.

When you know something deep down in your heart, trust it, follow it. Also, be open to the fact that it might change with time. 

Everything changes with time. Nothing remains the same.

Don’t be unfair, listen to yourself.

True confidence is when you can tell yourself with conviction that it’s going to be Okay. Ability to do it comes afterwards.

When you are at the height of emotions, you are also at the fringe of language.

He had a sustained, unbearable confidence.

Be kind and rewarding to yourself, first. The world and the people in it can wait.

The feeling of weakness is worse than that of betrayal.

It is the lack of love that deflects two people apart not the other way.

Adjustment problems do not lead to lack of love it is the other way round.

I’ve seen love, I’ve seen hate, love-hate and hate-love. What can you show me?

It feels so good, to know that you have nothing to lose.

Don’t believe in what people say, words are deceiving. Trust your feelings.

Love is just a way for some people to feel better about themselves, while being almost blind about the presence of the other person.

Love in the absence of conflict of interest is just too convenient.

Most people are kind because it doesn’t hurt for them to be kind.

There are somethings in life which you only find once, these are the things that you lose forever if you lose them. You only find them once.

You will eventually get used to your living conditions. Happiness and peace will come when you don’t have an unsettled mind wherever you are.

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts10

4 Feb

The difference of the lives that we live spaced out in time is what makes us feel elevated or depressed.

Sadness is contagious, happiness is not.

The foliage has grown dense, the sun is hot outside, winter is far, just a million miles away, it’ll come back for me possibly in another lifetime.

God can only craft your face; your body is your own doing.

If there is a god of death, then you are certain to meet at least one god.

Fascination with death has been since eternity because there is nothing more absolute than death.

We’re like ship anchored in deep ocean. Neither at the harbour nor at the destination.

I will live the life of all the people I love.

A painting on the loops of two life around each other but never meeting.

Every time you sleep alone, expecting or missing someone, a part of your heart collapses never to recover.

When you have very high expectations of yourself, you become your own enemy and you can hurt yourself.

The range of your expectation is the measure of your basket of happiness, you can however lower your expectations to lessen the hurt.

You cannot make everyone happy but you can at least be fair with everyone. It’s up to them then, if they can see it.

Everybody has a version of their own reality which suits them best, which makes them feel the most comfortable.

People can see the same thing and come to a common ground only when they can detach themselves and have an objective vision.

Objectivity unites and emotions divide people.

In a team, everything is shared, the burden of loss and also the spoils of victory.

Everybody can see their own suffering and pain and point of view. How about I do the same thing?

Everyone with their assumptions and judgements are like rebels against each other. No matter who they are.

It’s hard to respect people who don’t know what they want in life or people who are unsure of themselves.

The thing is, I don’t need love, I’m like the Christopher McCandless but living in society.

Beer is like ‘tu’ and whisky is like ‘vous’.

The devil and saint in me are both set loose.

Everybody will have their own different version of reality no matter how well you think you know them or how important you think you are to them.

Peace in the midst of chaos.

Two paths diverged in the woods, I took the one more taken and that has made all the difference!

How you are feeling is not what’s happening around you but inside you.

Some people are effortlessly themselves whereas others are always in an effort to be someone else.

When was the last time you did something you truly loved?

You were good to me!

Happiness in hindsight is like cherry-picking.

Perhaps, I don’t know myself well enough yet to understand what is it that I want or what is it that makes me happy.

The best way to live life is to keep yourself so busy in doing things that you don’t even have time to think about what’s wrong in it.

There is a finite amount of time in hand, make the most of it, but don’t think about it.

Living consciously in oblivion.

If I feel I’m not able to communicate with you, that you don’t understand. There is something wrong, it might not be even you.

There are times, usually in the night when you need someone in your mind.

Curiosity leads you to places.

After being in and out of relationships, one of the things that you learn is what are those reasons that fail two people other than themselves.

The question is ‘what can I live with and what can I die without?’

When we don’t have a choice, we often tend to conform to the best available option.

People will come into your life and go, although some will stay. You need to carry yourself everyday out from the bed and back to it, even in the end.

Rarely, if ever anything happens as per your will.

Adaptability is the biggest skill.

Stop testing people, they are already testing themselves in front of you.

Stop fixing, finding, arranging and organising things. Let them be, found, fluent and gravitated. Observe them, appreciate them.

If you never knew me at my best, you didn’t know me.

I cannot love people who don’t flinch at disapproval or don’t cry at sorrow, lament at least, who don’t fly when they are high and it’s windy.

Those who cannot give more that they have received, I can’t love.

I’m the strongest when I’m by myself.

One should find enough things to do for themselves so that they can sparingly bother themselves about other things.

I guess the measure of love is how rapidly and how many times over the heart can heal and can begin to love again.

If you want to be pampered like a child, behave like one first.

What is life? You are doing things that I like and I doing things that you like. Simple.

“Happiness is when you are always there”

Dreams and reality, make one into another.

We show disapproval in all sorts of different ways. Not everyone can say, I don’t agree with this or I don’t like this.

It’s a very difficult thing to do, something solely for the sake of others.

Speak your truth, Always!

No matter how big the umbrella is, when it rains, you’ll get wet if you don’t have your own umbrella.

All concerned are hurt some more and some less, some show and some don’t.

People give up on other people, so easily.

After a certain point, nothing seems to matter.

This morning when I couldn’t fall asleep and my head was hurting from all the thoughts and words that were pinching. I told myself, I wouldn’t be able to get through the day. But now, it’s evening, the day is gone, it’s about to end. Quite like life I suppose, it will pass.

When I see your face, I know everything.

There are somethings that you don’t say, you realise them and keep them to yourself.

Quality speaks for itself.

Ice can never get dirty, but it cannot also hold its form.

When you get married, your mother is like your girlfriend and your wife is another.

Sometimes, even the best intentions can lead to the worst of things.

A thing done to prevent something can often lead to that same thing.

This world is a chaotic place, sometimes you need to be rigid and other times flexible in approach. All that you need to figure out is when to be which.

The ability to forgive oneself comes after one can forgive others. Long after.

It’s much more difficult to forgive oneself than to forgive others.

Everybody knows what needs to be done, some choose to do it for the sake of doing whereas some choose not to do it because they don’t want to.

The world seems like a huge place, when you are in it.

We lived a life like the best romantic movie ever.

It’s strange when you think about the life that has passed. The things that went by, the people that came and gone. But, what I will miss the most are the persons that came and wanted to stay.

You never really lose a person, a part of them stays with you and a part of you that is with them is what you miss.

You are a storm.

And then she said ‘she’ll write him a letter after 30 years.

Forbidden fruit, tastes the sweetest.

In life, always find new things to do, new places to go.

Satisfaction lies in yourself.

I don’t know whether I lost you forever after finding you or found you for forever after losing you.

It is much easier to know what you don’t want rather than what you want. But it is much more difficult to act on it as compared to when you know what you want.

Rather than the boredom of life, I would rather choose the stress of it and the exhilaration along.

To feel something strongly is a sign of young and living heart. As we grow old, it takes effort to feel it.

We often feel a lot of things, at the same time. It is up to us to distil them.

You don’t need a perfect life; in fact, you can’t have one. You just need someone who makes you believe in one.

The normal process of ageing is the belief in futility of things outside of us.

First, they make you dependent on organised bodies and then they tell you that you need to break away.

Everyone is crazy, they only differ in self-control.

If someone can go from, I can’t live without you to feeling unloved in a few days, your belief system crashes down.

We can feel love again maybe even more intense, but we can’t be hurt by the same thing again.

You can tell a lot about a person when you fight them.

You shouldn’t work, if you don’t like your job.

Sometimes, we try to make ourselves believe what we like. But, it takes time and honesty to know what you really want.

Sometimes, we don’t move on. Everything else around us just disappears and it’s just a matter of time until when we turn our back to it and walk away.

There is no element of practicality in it, not until now. But I’m willing to do it, I always was.

If only we tried to make others feel good in the moment, every moment and on, everything would be so much better.

Most of the good that we do is because we want to be good.

I can risk losing everything but not my integrity and creativity.

Only so much is real.

When you start accepting yourself as yourself, you are so much more courageous.

You can’t change the world not even your own life just by wanting things to happen.

I’m in no hurry to see the world.

The fact that you love someone does not mean anything.

Today, I saw a huge tree stump totally uprooted from the ground. I could relate to it.

I’ll never see my cruelty for you and you’ll never see my kindness for you.

As I blow the smoke off the last drag of each cigarette, I say to myself ‘I’ll quit’.

Characterless, is not a person who has a bad character. He is a person who has no character, no stability, no stand. Like skin without bones.

What we say is the version of the truth that the other person wants to hear and what he hears is the version they want to hear. But then there is a difference between the two.

Why do we do what we do? Most of the times things are more instinctual than planned.

Make your presence felt when needed and be absent when it’s not.

If you want to exercise power, you need to have power.

You’re like air, omnipresent. Not even like light which can be shut out.

Time passes, good or bad, both.

The fire that you started for giving light is now burning you. You need to put it off, don’t expect others to come with water.

Don’t expect to understand everything. Let go.

You can actually know the meaning of a word when you mean it.

Going high up in the sky and planet after planet, hopping moons and galaxies coming back to earth by a black hole when they found one.

Hopping one moment to another with you without thinking about the traffic.

Every thought does not need to have a response or a result. It can stand on its own.

It is impossible to escape the dichotomy – Yin and Yang, Good versus Evil, Love and hate, Hero and the villain, God and Satan himself, Heaven and hell itself.

This is a point in my life when one of the possibilities are that both my personal and professional life can be devastated.

Secrets create barrier between people.

When our feet walk out of darkness,

When our mind grows out of limitations.

The right thing always seems like the weird thing because that is not normally what you hear; altered is the norm.

There is no difference between legal or illegal, right or wrong, between different persons.

Do we live in a perfect world? It is and it isn’t at the same time. Whatever it is, lies inside of us.

We have reached high living standards of life at least in some parts of the world but do we actually need to spread it everywhere else or find and strive for something else, something more internal.

Find it, what you are missing in life and then work for it.

One day I’m sitting here at the balcony of a ‘mansion’ in Europe, the other day I don’t know where I’ll be, with whom will I be, what will I be doing. That’s life!

We all try to dramatize our lives for the sake of breaking the monotony, but what if life itself becomes a drama.

I saw so much light and heard so much noise of the world. For a moment I want to share it with you but only for a moment, from time to time. Then, let’s slip back to our world, one that’s much quieter, more peaceful where there is only your voice and you.

Until you have something bigger in life you will continue to seek small pleasures.

There are somethings that you cannot take a photo of.

A couple is the strongest team.

Creativity comes in rations, feed the fire continuously.

Forge a bridge or make a gorge.

It’s the way it works, that it doesn’t work.

Reverse grief is dangerous.

There would be times, I will sit and close my eyes, let a cold breeze touch me and take myself to you.

Mountains, they test your patience.

There will be times when no one will hold your hand in a treacherous path even if you have a lot of people who love you and are around you because maybe they can’t see or maybe they don’t want to see.

You will feel alone amidst people who say they love you and it is at these times when you and only you will have to hold your hand and walk.

In the end and more so in the journey, what matters is, your will to go on.

There is but one imperfectness in my otherwise perfect life. It’s me willing to do everything for people and expecting the same.

Have faith in people but don’t expect it in return.

I’m not going to be held back by anything, anything.

You need people like me to make yourselves feel better about your mediocrity.

Life is a string of moments, nothing more.

Karma is a series of bad gears.

There is certainly cowardice in saying it won’t work or it isn’t possible because if you want something to work or happen or exist you never give up.

You’re love has become a central idea in my life.

I know what it feels like and what it takes to say that you love someone.

That love is reverence.

That love is pure.

How it can make you a better person,

is the beauty of it.

Your feelings are a test of everything.

How about we go around the sun, say 200 times more?

If everyone had a free will and the opportunity and intellect to make a choice. This world wouldn’t function in the existing way of an organised society.

It’s all about the neurotransmitter in your brain. You can control them.

Reality is different from what we feel. By reality, I mean how we feel for real.

Some people have it easy and some have it tough but there is one thing we all do at some point of our lives is to complain about it.

I am myself, there is no comparison with anyone. Just one thing to do – to be more and more myself each day.

And then she said, with you I feel like one feels with their parents. Safe and always connected.

If money is nothing; then why do we devote our lives to chasing it, if we have all we need and more. We know very well that we can make sure everyone can eat, have a home, and live together, yet we keep chasing ‘things’.

Why do we allow ourselves to ignore issues and those who need our help, and instead opt into a life of facades and perpetual routine? Collective insanity, it must be.

Why is it so hard for people to love unconditionally and share? I guarantee that people will say they want exactly that; love, but will not give it when shown the opportunity.

Always do your best to help people but don’t let ever your hand burn in the fire.

Those who speak the harshest are the purest.

The Germans gifted the gun.

Be humble, be kind and be loving.

She would be minding her work but her back will be listening.

Be like water, take the shape of the vessel you are put in.

The day your shoe fits your son, he should become your friend.

We make our own enemies.

He speaks less but with conviction, he has a short temper, he smiles rarely. But that’s him, that’s my father. I will embrace and respect him and never try to change him because he has seen what I can never see, and I have seen what he will never see.

Our future generation does not need to suffer what we have. In fact, it is our duty to ensure that they don’t.

I only want to play my song sometimes and listen to it in complete silence.

There is just not enough that you can do for someone.

I still imagine for myself a quiet life in the woods somewhere deep in the mountains.

Life will give you a boon of blessings sometimes and at other times you will feel wanting more.

It’s not about what is happening, it’s about how we are seeing them happening.

The real test of people is how they behave with you when they are uncomfortable.

A memory is not in a photo or a note or post, it’s in the mind.

I don’t know when did I become someone, like myself and so different from who I was.

The day we lose our innocence is a tragedy.

It is a feat to be able to break down life into a string of days and days in to a string of moments.

For me, the reality and dreams have switched sides, now you are my reality and everything else is a dream.

Everything in this world is by comparison, except you.

There is something worse than being stuck in traffic, it is being stuck in it alone and looking around.

I want to go to a place where there is no traffic.

Things that really matter in life cannot be stored for later use.

People are very good at fooling themselves.

Sure, everything is related to each other but the ability to see things in isolation and deconstruct is the first gaze of foresight.

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts9

4 Feb

There is no mistake in life that can’t be rectified, in other words, there are no mistakes in life.

Be fluid, be natural, be yourself.

A moment is a great one if you were lost in it. When you forgot the details of the faces and the noises around, the people walking by and giving their ear, when you could ignore the thunder and go on your rant.

Either ignore and be immune to what people say or give them a reason that they don’t tell you the same thing again. No matter, what you do, never be stuck in the middle.

Availability causes desire.

Desire is dependent on availability, need is not.

All we want is for the other person to understand us.

To realize something real! You need to go to the extremes of emotion, mortal danger or psychic depths.

The day when you realize the difference between missing someone and wanting to be with that person; the difference between joy and happiness; that the difference between the two is as stark as the night and day.

We function somewhere between our availability and our priorities.

If we can feel like tourists in our own city and like a local in a different country. There is nothing more we would ever need.

There is a sense of loss only when there was a possibility of having something.

The idea of life is to be busy with something and try maintaining your mind to rest.

Messy is neat!

It’s a weird feeling when you have more people who are ready to listen than you want to share with.

Art is more about the artist and less about art itself!!

What do we want at the end of it all? To be understood!

Life is like a play, only without a script. Sometimes you’re amazed at what you say. The only thing you can actually control is whether you’re watching the play as an audience or one of the characters.

Self-proclaimed realists can’t take the truth because they’ve been deluding themselves with convenient realism.

Is there any day when you don’t expect anything from others?

It is in expression that our salvation lies.

Our success is usually judged by the recognition of others.

It’s not very difficult to find reasons for or against a decision but it is often difficult to hear our own inner voice, what it wants?

Sometimes you need to inflate your self-esteem to get by a bad time.

Conscious living and integrity. Sometimes impeccable qualities, sometimes hurdles.

Poems are a condensed form of expression; it makes us make the best use of words.

Peace is when you can think and talk of everything and then put your mind to rest.

Sharing is the best way of saving a memory for it will always remain with the person, it can never be lost. It’s richer than a photograph or even the most illustrative memoir. It is immortal.

Life is not a bunch of futurs plans but a loft of memories.

You can’t get anything valuable by asking.

Life is not like a canal to another but a river that defines it’s own course.

The association with another person is in itself a compromise of ones independence.

The subterfuge of the imposed meaning of the lyrical song fails at what emotions a piano can evoke.

I want you to eat away all the crust in my life.

Whenever I see an old man sitting alone and quiet, I wonder what he is thinking.

It’s important to have something, it’s equally important to have it handy.

The things we choose to do are remembered, the things that happen to us are easily lost.

Decay is much worse than wreckage.

Sab khair kheriyat se ghar pahuch jaaye, aur kya chahiye.

I’m more a person person.

A day is but the usual mix of surprises and routine.

People come as a package not as an assembly of modular parts.

Nothing is fancy, it’s just the life usually don’t live.

Having an existential crisis is a luxury.

You can pick your sacrifice rather than making one, it’s better.

Be who you are than who you are supposed to be.

Part of the journey is the end.

Sometimes I don’t feel anything.

There comes a point where you need to liberate yourself from dependence on others, a state in which you can live all by yourself.

Man is a social animal but a lonely creature.

All we need are distractions, from everything else.

So much changes, with the seasons.

There are two kinds of relationships, one needs constant nurturing, the one that keeps you on your toes and the other that makes you feel like a king. One makes you better, the other makes you feel blessed.

Why is it so difficult to just live simply, without envy, without jealousy, without evil intentions for the other. 

When we say something, it’s so hard to not say it to ourselves. A part of what we communicate is to ourselves and a part of what we listen, feels like for us.

Expectation is a dangerous thing to have, it’s like holding a candle in a dark room filled with gasoline.

It’s a luxury to be able to think – what we want from our lives?

Always remember your bad times, but don’t dwell on them.

It’s courage and strength, to share.

It’s okay to not be able to meet someone’s expectations but It hurts the most when you can’t reach your own expectations.

Clarity of what you need to do in the short term is more important than long term goals.

You put more thought in a tattoo than anything else because it one of the rare things that is permanent.

It’s not the paucity of material value that drives a man into jealousy, it is the paucity of character value.

You need to invest time and inclination to meet yourself.

There are three kinds of people – Tea, coffee and acting.

When doing something, one must think – is it because everyone will praise you or you really want to do it?

When choosing your options, along with desire, also think of your capacity and time available.

If you come across a hurricane, either run to the centre or run away from it.

To live with ambuguity and express clarity is the sign of a man.

Truth is not in the spoken words, it’s in the feeling.

I came to know that I’m sleeping, only after I woke up.

Learn and master the art of staying alone, as a fall back option. Don’t let anyone know.

The fidelity of your love also depends on the person you love.

Everybody should get what they deserve and not more than that.

You have the right and also the responsibility to surround yourself with positive people, putting up with negative people is a tacit approval to their actions which is harmful to them and you both.

If I’m leaving my comfort zone for you, you’re gold!

Don’t ask me questions, if you’re not ready to listen to all possible answers.

Judgement is when you can’t forgive a person for a thing they cannot change.

Art is pain, life is suffering.

The path to paradise starts with hell.

Sometimes even the most selfish intentions turn in to beautiful acts of altruism.

It’s not a choice of a person, it’s a choice between rationality and emotion.

I’m living the life of so many people literally and figuratively. I can do that because when I talk to someone, I’m talking; when I’m working, I’m working; when I’m enjoying, I’m enjoying; and when I’m sleeping, I’m sleeping.

The pursuance of happiness is futile, the pursuance of things that make you happy is the pursuit of life.

Sometimes you leave the best seat besides you so that they come and sit by you and have the best.

How far one must go into loving someone. All the way.

Nature does not have a definition of suffering, suffering is something that happens in a human society. Where one human troubles the other for reasons other than survival creating inequality which by no means is a gorge of worth.

Somebody take care of me like that kid in the car playing with the balloon. Someone other than my mom.

Mixed emotions are perplexing, extremes are not.

Everytime there is someone unfair to me a part of heart gets irredeemably wilted, never to recover, only to be covered.

Understanding needs maturity, sure. Honesty needs nothing.

It’s all about communication.

I’m starting on painkillers for an uncompromising life.

You gave me what I deserved, isn’t it what everybody does? It’s normal, so relax!

Satisfaction breeds happiness.

If you cannot speak about a topic in a succinct manner then you need to improve your understanding of the same.

Understanding has only two levels, complete or nothing at all.

Truth needs to be rationed.

No hard feelings, no hard plans.

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts8

4 Feb

I have all the elements that stars are made of and stars have all the elements in me.

Everyone came alone, they’ll go alone. All the misery started when people started making bonds and all the misery shall end only when we leave this world breaking all bonds.

It depends on you to deal with the society. The society is like a huge mirror of what you feel inside.

You’re mind needs to be at peace to know thyself. Only in still water can you see your reflection.

The very basis of moral philosophy for the society is hypocrisy and dichotomy of values.

Their conscience appears for a moment just like a crocodile comes to the surface for breathing.

The three layers of priority. Simple people are more open and always find time to remember other people, people higher up the ladder have ego. But people higher up the ladder are busier and have less time. But one always finds time for people in priority.

Money and other materials are tools to have a good life, they are means to an end, not an end in itself.

Kids cry because that’s the way they express their discontent with what’s going on and with their parents, who take their crying as something which is normal and try to console them with something, they think the kids need, not what they might actually be crying for, the indifference is petrifying. When these kids grow up, their crying is replaced by a series of implosions and concealed emotions, everything else remains the same.

We always have a choice, sometimes we can exercise it, sometimes we can’t. No one or no situation can force anything on you.

Stand for yourself if you want others to stand for you.

If we want a very specific thing then we cannot be open to the all the possibilities.

Young couples are so cute; old couples are so classy.

When you hear the noise, someone is either trying to break something or make something.

Make personal obligations to yourself and know where or with whom you don’t want to be.

Have immortal finish lines and reach beyond your grasp. Let them come to you and say you did well, you can go home now.

Be kind, be fair, be humble.

All the interpretations and feelings are a culmination of what we want to feel and what is convenient for us to feel and see at that moment.

There is no sadness in truth, there can never be!

People will use your words against you; don’t arm people with them, choose your words wisely.

When I was the closest to you, I felt farthest to you, what an irony!

Everything was okay, until I was convenient.

Whether two people love each first and then get along? or get along first and then learn to love each other? 

We see what we want to see, there is nothing called objective truth between humans.

An act of kindness is bigger than most things in life.

Peace of mind should be your pillow; No matter who is in our bed, we all sleep alone.

Judge someone not by their actions or thoughts or intentions

But by your actions, thoughts and intentions about them.

At this age, you don’t cry. You blink away the tear well and let it dry.

There is hope all the time but for something that doesn’t exist.

You can love an animal more than a human being because they can never contradict your feelings. Something that you’re very afraid of.

Rationed kindness is not kindness, it is a self-gratifying conformity exercise.

We can only feel a sense of loss after truly having something.

This is a competence-based world, the sooner you realize, the better.

Anything that makes you ask yourself fundamental questions, cannot be bad.

It is either the black or the white color that becomes dirty very easily.

It feels good to feel good after all.

If you have a good physique, good money and if you’re a man, fuck the world!!

If you’re too understanding, you’re weak. Have hard lines that you respect and make other people respect them.

I have laughed, I have cried, I’ve felt Joy, I’ve sobbed, all because of my feelings. I’ve done the full circle and I’m happy for it.

Wanting to be with someone and not wanting someone to leave are two different things.

Convenient love is like mindful shopping whereas romantic love can either be a simple endeavor or an impossible wish, but you don’t lose hope, you don’t give up.

Romantic love has always failed me, or I failed it. But every time I am confronted with a choice, I will choose romantic love over the ‘convenient love’.

People who prophesize about convenient love are beyond my comprehension and I hope they remain there.

At first, I was living the moment, the dream. Then, I started taking one day at a time. Then, I got braver and started taking one week at a time.

Maturity is not learning to say the right thing, it is keeping quiet at the right time.

There are some privileged people who can think what they want to think and see what they want to see.

Sometimes, I felt choking on my own breath, I felt my heart beating in my chest wanting to come out at the same time as I was smiling and greeting people. There is no escape, nor will there be any help or remedy. But you’ll live more life than many.

There are somethings that transcend our rational understanding of the World.

Association with another human is the beginning of all misery and the magic.

I wonder how weightless words can be, how fleeting feelings can be and how transient their stance can be!

Some people are lucky, I mean it! They meet a person who wants the same things as them.

When there were not many things to do, the focus was much more, it didn’t require such a conscious effort as now to focus. 

When there were fewer means to communicate there was more weight in words.

We want someone to say – it’s alright, everything is going to be fine, give me a hug! 

If we can just accept people as they are, life could be be so much easier.

There is love even in my hatred.

There is care even in my anger.

Do you realise, how rare is it to have an honest conversation?

Just keep feeding your soul.

People are lost in their own passion or moment are called crazy in abhorrence by others because they stop conforming to the society and it scares them.

What’s the difference between a cheap watch and an expensive watch? An expensive watch remains the same with time, true to time.

Happiness is a choice.

There is a limit to poverty but none for riches. That’s why you need to choose your own.

We are not supposed to win or lose the argument or prove our point, we are supposed to reach a mutual understanding and a common ground or else, we both lose.

If we both had our own way, there won’t be a we. So, the basic question is how far do we want to reach out to each other.

We know everything we need to know, it’s just realisation that keeps happening of the things we knew.

Err on the side, away from caution.

You should be able to differentiate between significant and non significant people in your life.

If women will grow up in societies where there are signs of ‘reserved for women’, it’s gonna hamper their empowerment.

If you have things to do, you don’t need people.

It’s love when doing something becomes more about the other person than about yourself.

It’s a futile exercise to try to think about something, what matters is eventually going to come back to your mind.

Peace is about balancing the hindsight and the foresight.

All we ever do is for ourselves! Rest is just interpretation.

All people are fundamentally the same, they have the same needs and desires and responses. Well, they are conditioned by their culture, experiences and upbringing in some ways but one should learn to see the two differently – basic likeness and the superficial dofferences.

Today in the metro, I saw a girl just like Drew Barrymore and then I saw her smile.

You can never know what really is out there. Believe, either your instinct or absolute knowledge, if available.

Religion and politics are just means to an end, for some people. Whereas, for others they are means of oppression.

There is a lot of danger and uncertainty at the door of excellence. If you don’t feel it, you’re far from it.

Art is about creating something that was never there.

Travelling is all about presence of mind, whether it is about safety or experiences.

All arts are linked to each other. Words make you picture and pictures make you think, in words.

Indulge in art and lose yourself. Then find yourself again.

Even in nature, a vine lives off a nutrient ball and then moves on to the next once it’s saps are over.

Does language shape reality?

I feel so strong, I feel capable to manage everything but, I feel so lonely at the same time.

Most of your words are out there to be interpreted in many ways by different people and the way they do it can tell you about what they think of you.

Don’t worry about what you do in life if you are happy, everyone is going to praise you in your funeral anyway.

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts7

4 Feb

It’s the thing that you have less or is rare, that you are drawn towards.

Early morning and late nights are when your subconscious is the least subdued.

They prefer black and white, and here we are exploring the colour palette!!

For every different conversation there is a person. For example, we can share our happiness with many, sadness with few and guilt with even fewer. I wonder if there is a person for all kinds of conversation.

A person who does what he says and says what he thinks is rare.

This moment in time, when I’m doing something in the living room and I can hear mom cooking something in the kitchen, no words, just the sound of her presence that she is there. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Rubber band effect – when a person knows the extent of your flexibility and tolerance, they pull you to the end of your limits, so that you don’t snap back.

Excellence can be allowed to be flawed but submission should be spotless.

We are bound for destruction, says the law of entropy and cannot stop that. But we do have a choice to either live like a meek and become non-existent in our posterity or to leave an ever-lasting legacy.

You’re not going to have a completely amazing life, there will be good moments and bad moments. There will also be times when you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. All you could really hope for is that the sun still shines despite the clouds.

When the ultimate state is inevitable, why make the effort?

I can’t give you my best every time.

I’m stubborn in the sense that I don’t want to suppress, moderate or compromise what I’m feeling, which sometimes comes out as arrogance which it is not.

Everything seemed so small. The deep well which used to scare me; the fields which seemed endless; people so old, some loved me, some not. I was listless and so far from where I was.

Experience is one of those things that chisel us into better beings!

There is no scale for greatness.

There might be a deeper reason of why we flush the toilet.

It’s ironic that death despite being a mere instant, a blip in time can give wisdom of a lifetime.

The news of someone’s death while tragic is still just a piece of information. What’s actually tragic is when you know the person, their plans, dreams and aspirations. Death is not the end of a person; it is the end of a stream of spirits.

Purest interaction is Business.

Charity is a label.

It’s only when you do something for your own happiness that you can do justice to it and give your 100%.

Social progress is not linear but a dwindling isochronous movement where we are making progress and rubbing most if it off.

We have a habit of magnifying whatever little problems that we have into something we can talk about and squander our time with.

One who hasn’t actually cared for a person can never feel what it feels like to care.

With power, arrogance come naturally. But, to remain humble requires conscious effort.

All virtues stem from humility and kindness.

I’d much rather prefer to have a mellow sense of belonging than a prude sense of achievement.

There are three degrees to everything, left right and center; high, low and at the level; right wrong and no need to judge.

Knowledge is both liberating and constraining.

Love is when, you take a person and glorify him or her beyond your god.

I could look into the sun and say, ‘I have sunshine too’.

Civility is organized chaos.

You’re the childhood friend I play with, you’re the colleague I work with, you’re the friend I enjoy with.

The worst thing that can happen to a person is when his imaginations are stretched beyond his capacity.

If the table and the chair you’re seated on, are far, what do you do? pull the chair up to the table or table up to you?

In all the chaos and noise of the world that I thought was normal, I feel different. I feel I’m immune to both, the mundane and the hassle.

It is when you are alone, you are least vulnerable, because there is no fear of indifference or disregard from anyone.  

Assertive and considerate are two traits that can co-exist.

People usually proclaim a higher ground than they are standing on.

Don’t expect people to possess the time or the inclination to look beyond what you chose to show them.

People often say remarkable things subtly and still pretend that they are being subtle.

It is so hard to have a real conversation these days; almost everything is veiled. Photos, people, their words and even actions.

The most important thing to learn, is to learn to live independently.

We don’t want god, the feeling within us that god exists is enough.

No one can take away from us what we hold dearly.

All we need in life is a purpose to go on, it could be a person, a place or work. It’s so damn simple. There is nothing particularly special about any one of them. 

Somethings are just unsolvable mysteries, like an equation with more than one unknown variable.

I can never be caught in the middle, either it’s me all by myself or I’m consumed in you.

Your actions, your thoughts, your outlook will be judged in the backdrop of your background, where are you from? what’s your status? and least importantly who are you?

Giving love to someone only when they deserve it, is like rationing food in a war camp.

People should be given a chance to prove themselves, have their say, do their deed, be free. Do not bind anyone even with expectations.

We believe in individualism but with different meanings I suppose, some can elaborate it as the individual existence and survival in a reclusive society and I argue it’s more about individual integrity and worth in a collective world.

It’s exciting and dangerous, to feel so much.

Sometimes words alone cannot comfort.

The reason we don’t find solace in anyone – maybe it doesn’t exist, maybe we are meant to be alone, maybe being together is just another social imposition that we’ve come to call love, maybe those who claim to have found it are living an illusion created by convenient circumstances. Maybe! I don’t know.

There is an objective reality and there is a perceived reality. It is a bliss when both are exactly the same, as it is to gaze on a total lunar eclipse despite the total congruence there is a light that shines, that’s magic for real! It happens rarely and lasts for, but a moment. Time wouldn’t stop for anyone, but maybe you can feel the bliss forever. Afterall, what is reality?

As we grow older, the biggest currency becomes time, not because it becomes rare or costly but because we get poorer and poorer in time. A day is yet a day, a moment is yet a moment, the difference being, we can afford less and less of it.

Writing for me is like venesection, letting the bad blood flow in hopes that it will make me feel better but in fact it makes me weaker and weaker. 

If you handle uncertainty poorly, it means you care for something.

You can have a visceral reaction to many things but vagal reaction to only things that are close to your heart.

I feel like going to a place where no one knows me and I know no one, a place where I can reset my life  

People tend to forget the goodness of others in the face of adversity, because it is convenient, it frees them of the obligations and guilt.

Change is the only constant thing; objective truth is the only reality. Sometimes, we are taken by the moment so much that it is hard to think clearly. Never regret such moments.

Changing stances are more dangerous than changing circumstances.

Love is nothing but a series of circumstantial convenient coincidences.

When you have everything in life, you don’t need love as much as others do. In other words, emotional needs are inversely proportional to material wealth.

It takes a huge conscious effort to laugh when you don’t want to, an otherwise spontaneous activity.

Dreams are bad, if they unwantedly distance you from reality. Make dreams, make efforts, see them come true, all awake.

Those who say money does not matter are naïve.

Things are not only grand when they are, they can be grand between two people too.

I believe in saying what I think and doing what I say.

Our brain is usually like a dining table with all options laid out, confusing us, amusing us, often not letting us make the right choices. Abundance can be both empowering and paralysing.

Choose from available conclusions.

The only selfless act in this world is the act of foolishness.

Innocence is the sweetest weakness.

It only works when the distance between hardlines is less than the range of compromise.

Maybe, I never really found myself or actually knew myself, so I always tried to find it with someone else. But all along, others were also finding themselves.

You will need to indulge in the chaos of life, as deep as your capabilities. The choice of not indulging in it, although voluntary and well within your reach will seem impossible before you’re spent.

How can you try to trust another person when you can’t even trust yourself?

Our time in this world is limited, still we want eternal relationships.

Philosophy is thinking, understanding, speaking and writing in a layered manner with one layer of thought buried in the other and so on.

With the nights, it can become harder, when conscious faculties are overpowered.

Learning, experiences and upbringing shape your thoughts and thoughts leads to actions and everything in this world are your actions. If you can control your thoughts, you can control your world!

Being emotional is not a weakness if you can complement it with an objective approach. Life is but a balancing act.

Nothing is worst, there is always a possibility of even worse!

You can nurture the personal or the professional in you, it’s a choice.

We were like peas in the pod except that the peas are scattered now.

Sometimes people use their ‘principles and values’ in defence of their action of defiance to those principles and values.

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts6

4 Feb

Polytheism is by nature, tolerant.

I have lived days with happiness and days without it, I can tell the difference and that’s how I know I was loved.

Everything in this world may not be in just the right amount but it is in just the right proportion to everything else. So, worry not and tremble not for you will have your proportion.

Sometimes we like someone so much that we try to take them away from themselves.

Everything that we do is for the sake of ourselves whether it is a murder or helping the poor.

I can almost feel how I used to feel, a feeling I don’t have now.

Grand success is like a sweep of oblivion.

Nobody should go through smiling when they are not well on the inside.  

Being bad is a great disguise.

There is nothing which is ever strictly one directional. Even when we give, we get back. We just need to be able to accept it.

The sensation of completeness is feeling when you are with the right person at the right place and it’s a peaceful time of your life, you mind is not at conflict.

All responsibilities are implied obligations that we take on ourselves to fulfil.

Just as a whiplash keeps the herd together, morality and ethics keeps the humans together.

When one is educated, he is alluded of the possibility that he can break through the social fabric of obligations; when one is learned he thinks that it is better to rather not; when one is enlightened, nothing matters.

To err is human, to forgive is divine.

The biggest impediment in the way of “peace of mind” is our own only inability to share how we feel with others.

Love is that extra effort that a person puts in, beyond his convenience and comfort for even the small expectation and little needs of the other without the hope of ever getting anything in return.  

Play me but do not make a fool out of me.

All of us at some point need someone to tell us that’s it’s okay, that it’s going to be okay.

He was a stoic before he knew about stoicism.

I’m amazed how I can deem my own writing from a few months ago “utter bullshit!” It means however, that I’m evolving.

We need to bore ourselves with the old to evolve.

Nothing is permanent, neither love nor hate.

The first step to achieve excellence is knowing that it exists; second, that it is achievable; and then, how to achieve it.

You can humble me down to a level, but I’ll never brownnose.

I’m an atheist yet I don’t vehemently disregard other people’s belief in god. They have their faith and I have mine.

It is possible to feel weak and strong at the same time.

To be mindful of the changing world and adopting to it is a good thing but being aware of the changes happening in oneself is weird, you can’t really adapt to it because adoption is to external things. You don’t have another you.

I know what’s right for me, I also know that it is not what I want to do.

The insect crawling on the ceiling is not necessarily higher than you.

Sometimes you don’t find what you are searching for at the place you’re looking.

The best thing you can give someone is your time.

Sometimes a conversation with the right person can heal you.

You cannot find a solution until you realise that it’s a problem.

Something can be empowering and a curse at the same time.

Close the window which does not give you a clear view.

Life is like a sinus rhythm.

A fragrance can teleport you in the past.

Have the courage to embrace yourself.

With each day, you’ll become more of yourself.

A form of writing which confuses, where the readers can interpret anything should be avoided. A reader could be led to a room with many doors but not in an open space with no directions.

If I am being unreasonable with you, you can be sure that I love you.

A gift should be such, that lasts, that survives the elements and must always carry a thought.

Some people make their demand of comfort so subtle and unobtrusive that it remains invisible.

In my early days, I often wondered about why things happen the way they do. How goods reach places that they do? Why people behave the way they do? They all have one answer – need.

People should be left to their own methods.

Welfare ideologies cripples the spirit.

The most bullshit of all statements in the world is – ‘We don’t have enough money for this’

People take pride in the little things that they do, more people need to see and acknowledge it.

It’s astonishing what company can do to you.

Nature has no straight lines, no order, no motif. Pattern and repetition is a very human thing.

A mountain teaches principle and solidarity; a river, to make way for oneself in adversity and perpetual motion; trees, to nurture others with yourself, the help that you can offer and the ever-changing outlook.

The canvas of our mind has no delete button or erase function for the thoughts that have once landed on it, they only can be covered under a stronger thought.

An incapable person or an underachiever has no right to claim the virtue of humility, it should be reserved for people who choose to be humble when they have the power to be otherwise.

Sometimes coffee does not wake you up, it just prevents you from sleeping.

Collecting ship wreckage will never build you a ship.

I’m thankful that I’m not as balanced as many of the people I know. I can still feel a lot of things that amaze me and I’m thankful for it.

Even after seeing so many forts, palaces, mountains and rivers, I still want to travel. To meet new people.

What is the purpose of life? It is definitely not what we do every day for work; work is one of the means to achieve the purpose. So, what is it? Success, happiness, happiness of others, carnal pleasures, oblivion, jolly, serving god, passing your time healthily and happily or nothing but then what good would it be to renounce the bounty of life and just exist? Whatever be the purpose of life, pausing to think about it is definitely not one.

Seeing yourself evolve is like seeing a child grow.

You can understand a person’s point of view but cannot make them understand.

It’s an empowering feeling to know that you want something with all your heart.

The biggest effect you can have people is to have changed their thinking.

Your chair can sometimes become your chain.

Only those who love you and envy you can respect you; the rest will just hate you.

Not many people will appreciate that creativity is a word derived from create.

Everything is tending to die, still we enjoy seeing it grow, wither and dance towards its ultimate demise.

It’s not the dew drop on a leave that’s beautiful, it’s the whole system in which it is there that makes it beautiful.

Congruency of the micro and the macro picture of life is when you command life.

We are on top of the hierarchy of living anatomies because of a reason.

The incompleteness of a thing makes it appealing and adds an element of elegance. The gaps in history, La Sagrada Familia, an unfinished business, a perplexing relationship, the state of trance and so on.

Life is in the uncertainty of things, if things were certain there would be no charm.

Our senses give us the objective truth, which is often incomplete, that’s why we need our mind to expand the horizons.

Being able to see the bigger picture is not always the most peaceful thing.

When you see life from up close, things can either be good or bad, everything has an apparent meaning with which you can either harmonise yourself or continue to rebel. But when you see the bigger picture, not everything makes sense, it’s vague, which can be perplexing. Choose wisely.

Everyone is doing the same, putting water from one glass in another.

Foresight and backward integration are the two basic qualities of a strong character.

Love is when someone accepts you, just the way you are, and you do the same.

What are you? a speck of dust in the desert who is at the whim of the wind that blows.

You look or photograph anything from close enough and almost anything will look beautiful.

When you’re taking your flight upwards in Life, motivation is high, and you care less about the struggle and hardships because sometimes your sight might be hazy, but your vision remains intact on the goal. But when the goal is achieved and the fire in your wings is just not enough for further flight. There, from that vantage point when you look back the only things that can give you happiness is the spread of your timeline, the path you took, and the moments and memories embedded in it. The conscious mind might not remember them, but the heart knows because it is all that matters.

Your sight may become hazy at certain but your vision should remain clear.

You give a man enough freedom of speech and latitude, he will say nothing but the truth, a truth he feels is true.

People constrained in some way evade veracity. Free people don’t.

Everyone has problems, insecurities and vulnerabilities. No one is the perfect companion.

The purpose of a relationship is not to average out the goodness or mellow down vices but someone who makes you feel good about yourself.

You can wash away your sins, but emotions once contaminated cannot be washed.

Art remains the same, our interpretations of it changes.

Opinions need refreshing.

I don’t know what love is, but it definitely should have something to do with wanting to be with each other.

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts5

4 Feb

How big is your rear view mirror? Well keep it small so that you can look forward and move ahead.

There is no one ‘way’ to do things right, there is none. It’s what you choose to consider right and what makes you happy.

If you don’t have the strength to fight back, you don’t have the authority to forgive.

If there is a god, I must see him.

You can’t say you have moral integrity unless the span of your thoughts and actions can range from saint like to diabolical but still you choose integrity.

Regret is the greatest salvation because in it you acknowledge and deem yourself wrong and let go of your ego and self centrism.

Sometimes, the use of an adjective can dilute a statement.

Alcohol brings out, not the best, not the worst but yourself. Not that you start speaking the truth but you do let your guard down. You can feel and do what’s inside of you. That which is usually kept cloaked in the curtain of morality comes out; something you never want to show to anyone.

There are somethings which you only reveal to a person you’re in love with.

First be yourself, then try to do anything with it.

Sometimes the moments are just so good, that you don’t even want to improve it.  

Love is patient, love is kind, love is forgiveness and love is selfish. It’s when someone fills in the voids completely and you do the same for them.

You are the kind of person I would like to ask opinions of.

It is usually when a person makes the most emotionally intense decision that he is most rational.

Liking and loving are not the same, for they coincide rarely. One is fortunate if both happens to him with the same person.

Weirdest of thoughts and furthest of expectations; it’s amazing how people are able to put them in words.

Not only that two people are different; the same person separated in time is, as well.

War is a means to an end and not an end in itself.

Most of the times we say things we don’t even mean, just to be humorous or acceptable.

Any deviation from the one true self is a negative judgement of oneself.

Attractions to certain qualities is just a gateway to knowing a person better, it should not be the reason we fall in love.

It’s also caustic to know exactly what one wants and what one doesn’t!

It is the differences that truly govern the dynamics of life. It is the difference of where we want to be and where we are that moves us; it is the difference of our ambitions and our realities that motivates us; it is the difference of our capabilities and our need that makes us live.

Our needs will always exceed our possessions.

I am glad I did not put timestamps on my thoughts, for time is relative.

Having opinions and judgements are two very different things.

Do not place the source of your happiness in someone else.

It’s a cruel world out there and it becomes worse when you have tasted solace.

The same summer heat becomes intolerable if you have tasted the comfort of an AC.

We never lose a person all at once, we lose them part by part in the quarrels and the disagreements.

We never have anyone fully nor do we lose anyone completely.

You scroll the social media endlessly to find something you will never find there.

You love someone not because they’re perfect as you are not. It’s because you meet them, like them and just because you’re a beautiful person and you choose to love them. 

So many voices are silenced when there is no listener.

What if this is all the love I will ever get?

We work hard not because it is a means to an end but because we love the hard work.

It’s not what you believe, it’s what you’d like to believe.

A life spent serving others, is a life well spent.

Struggling to remain afloat in deep waters is better than the comfort of a shallow life.

Detachment is the end of all sorrow.

Ignoring things that hurt you is unfair treatment unto self.

Ethics can be harsh.

There is a difference between a naïve and a non-calculative person.

It’s not going to rain everyday, but you still should carry your umbrella.

Only we know the meaning of hypocrisy. Animals don’t know that word nor ethics and they don’t bother, they don’t care, and they don’t go to hell.

We destroy the world we live in and then pretend to make it better.

Agriculture made us weak or advanced could be a matter of debate. But it definitely gave way to lassitude and its adverse effects.

Why do poor people don’t have manners? They hardly ever have time for them.

Fragrance seems more alluring when we’re tired.

Ethics is just another imagined reality for weaving us together in a social fabric and making us weak.

There are only two types of things we do in a day, the routine and the new. There is no third thing.

You might forget what you ate but you can’t forget what you vomited.

The shared myth of financial security in the form of salary is what keeps us going even in uncreative environs.

Find happiness in moderation if you want it to be persistent.

Bouts of happiness are often deceiving.

When there is loss of objectivity in life, it paves the way for all the nonsense there is.

Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

When you dance with the devil you wait for the music to stop.

There is nothing as good as reconciliation between family members.  

If you look close enough, you see the beauty in little things and then everything becomes a bunch of these little things – beautiful.  

In the long run, it’ll all even out.

When you don’t have enough to share, you cannot have the quality of benevolence and brotherhood given the basic human instinct of survival.

Virtues are lost in times of scarcity albeit temporarily.

Don’t try something too hard or don’t take the delicacy of matters lightly.  

Epidemiology is Just critical common sense.

When things got mechanical, I had to leave.

There are a few things in life that makes you feel that your heart is where it is. Treasure them!

When you see beautiful things, you want them to last and also share with others. Photography is one way to do it. 

The very presence of so many religions, makes it clear; blind theism just because of birth is perhaps not the wisest choice.

People from the cities are not heartless, it’s just that they cannot afford to give you so much time, as would you if you were in their shoes.

If you can dance alone in a club and enjoy. You can conquer the world.

These days you don’t need to beat a feeling to death and have a hard time at it, you just need to gently suffocate it and the feeling obliges.

I hate the fact that so many human aspirations are killed by the paucity of money.

An image is not the thing it’s just a representation of that thing.

Sometimes when people are faraway and you hardly meet, you don’t want to say, and they don’t want to ask. It’s not the same as you don’t want to tell, and they don’t want to know.

I don’t understand why the share market even exists.

The things that you don’t know can never hurt you.

The craving to end pain and the wish for an everlasting joy is the cause of all pain.

Knowledge of the distinction between what is under your control and what isn’t, will set you free.

Usually, first we suffer in imagination and then in reality. The least we can do is not to suffer in our imagination.

If you want to enjoy being alone, you must first eliminate all possibilities of being together.

The fear of losing someone, prevents us from being truly who we are. We are often consumed by what does not exist in the moment and the moment we have it; it loses its worth.

One of the worst feeling is when someone sees you as you are not.

The chest of revelations is often right in front of us. We usually don’t have the key or the will to open it.

You can gauge the height that you have achieved in your career by the type of interview questions that are asked from you.

The best thing about being a writer is that you don’t have to be an expert in field.

Life is but a waking dream and we should not hesitate in giving an uncensored account of the same.For there is nothing wrong with living.

Just as energy cannot be converted from one form to another without wasting some, likewise good intentions also cannot be converted to good work fully.

It is hard for people to give up their belief in something even for a brief moment, it takes respect to do it.

There are two types of pain one is the frank kind like that of a cut, it’s sharp and pointy but seems bearable. The other kind is the soft, blunt and more broad, more visceral. It comes from the inside with an accompanying feeling that something is not right.

There are somethings that are too personal to write even in your own diary.

Basically, what you need, is the right song at the right time.

These days people don’t have patience, it has become one of the rarest virtues.

Perfect compatibility is just as likely as a matching fingerprint.

I have no objection to religious practices or to even harmless fanaticism when it’s an individual’s choice, when he does it out of faith. Not, when they are told to do thus and blindly follow it for the lack of their conscience which stems obstinate passion or frank bigotry. Often, in groups.

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts4

4 Feb

When there was no conscious of right or wrong, there was never a good time or bad.

Some decisions are not the result of choice but a lack of one.

Every possible feeling is just a state of mind.

Courage is not something people can carry with them, it comes to people as needed.

Just because you want something, doesn’t mean it’s meant for you.

You should identify your priority as something the pursuit of which remains unshaken even in the most adverse situations. No matter what happens in life the time and devotion for it should never be redirected, it should be something which is constantly reoccurring in your mind without conscious effort. If that happens you will never fail in it and when you succeed everything else will fall into place like the pieces of a puzzle you never even imagined of.

There comes a time when you must realize that the brief banal pleasures of life are not gratifying anymore.

There is a fragrance in blood and sweat that no perfume or fabric has.

Good looks are nothing without confidence.

I travel and I learn.

Photography is showing the world, the world with yours eyes.

Nature is powerful, ever changing, beautiful, giving and fair.

It humbles you down, it makes you a better person.

It is dangerous to know someone too well- not only because you know their weakness but also their expectations, desires and yearnings. You are no more treading softly and carefully in an uncharted territory; you are running ablaze through a mapped maze.

You can never know someone too well.

To be with yourself in the face of loneliness.

When you are alone, side with yourself.

Some people are incredible to work with or to have an enjoyable time. But, not to love.

Everything starts out with a feeling.

If you don’t have a moral compass, I hope you don’t bump into me.

You have a lot of work to do and you are already down with the flu.

Only you got to take care of yourself.

Don’t show off until you have something big to show off.

Our experiences are a bigger part of us than our material goods.

That sweet feeling when you eagerly wait for someone to tell you how there day was.

You can be motivated when you want to be motivated.

The liberties we allow ourselves to take are like dealing with a child. Although our heart wants to spill out all the love, we have but we should know that it is going to spoil the child.

Why do we give a part of us to someone and threaten our integrity? For a moment of pleasure or something bigger?

You can only hear the ticking of the clock when you want to, despite the fact that it is always ticking.

When I feel that the things I want are out of my control and the feeling of despair overwhelms me. I take my watch to my ear and focus on the tick. That faint sound becomes so powerful that it silences even the loudest noises of the mind. Only because I focus on it and let it possess me.

The difference between melancholy and sadness although subtle is very big. Melancholy can be enjoyed; it signifies a mind at peace to be able to do that.

Melancholy can be conquered but sadness is surrender.

Just as a word has one literal denotation but several different connotations, a human interaction has a number of connotations for all the people involved. Many a times we say something with an intention but if we feel that it might harm us, we have an alternate translation for them. Similarly, the person hearing us also can interpret what we say in a variety of ways. So, it is left to the permutations and combinations of our backgrounds for the ultimate meaning of the interaction to come out.

No matter what others have done unto you, if you do them wrong, you are wrong.

There is no justification for a wrongful act even if it is reactionary- direct or indirect.

An event can be interpreted in a lot of different ways and it depends on the interest of the person involved

That walk on the bridge has to be one of the highlights of our trip, walking on that bridge made everything look so small even the rapids of the Ganges looked so innocent and the Ganges itself like a fine thread of silk.

It is amazing what people can do, for what they believe in

The greatest possessions we can ever have are memories and that people have us in their memories because of the way we made them feel.  

When I see people engaged in work in flow. I feel so different, like I am not in the moment. These are my little escapades and I love it.

I want to share my inner fears, I also want to know yours.

To be able to smile in the face of adversity and sorrow, that indifference is the mark of tumultuous peace.

You are perfect, don’t try to achieve a stereotypical beauty, be yourself. Nothing is the definition of beauty you are the definition of it for yourself.

Searching for meaning everywhere is a tiring thing to do.

Every decision by every person is governed by emotional economics.

If a wine opener cannot open a beer bottle, you cannot judge its competency.

Formula one is not designed to run at 60 kmph.

There are some people whose sweat smells sweeter than perfume.

Life often asks you, what is the price that you are willing to pay?

The treasures of the sea won’t shore up by themselves. 

Ask someone what they want from a genie for their three wishes. I don’t want nothing!

The whole humanity has just started to learn ethics.

There is no point in being serious all the time, fun is in the alternation between serious and not at all.

Truest emotions are those that are not expressed or are very hard to express because it is our inner self which we are always reluctant to share.

Buy only things that are absolutely essential, always eat and drink in moderation, try not cry and worry excessively. But be limitless in love and thoughts.

Losing anything other than a person’s trust is okay!

The more I am growing up, more I am realizing that I am so immature.

Make a choice in life and be prepared to pay the opportunity cost of it.

Choose company wisely.

Either make, to be something big, the goal or just choose plain and simple happiness. Just make the choice.

It is important to empower your child more than anything else.

I’m sleepless and tired but what I’m feeling is how I would want to feel always

Forgive people not only because they deserve it but because you need it.

There is just not enough time and money to do everything.

The purity of thought in the morning, when the conscious is not awake is astounding. It’s your inner self only, that’s talking to you, telling you what is important in life.

I’m becoming immune to small things, because I’m tied to something big.

When the landscape is replaced by dreamscape and when the dreamscape becomes a landscape.

Wisdom begins with owning up to ignorance.

When we leave ourselves at the disposal of others but still being our naked self, a vulnerable individual. That bittersweet feeling of uncertainty and a

probability of rejection but still the willingness to move ahead, is the quest of love. A path which leads to no destination.

Under that cynical shell lies a sentimentalist’s heart.

Just like in a room full of strange people, if we have something to do, we can tide the time. If we are in a strange country and we have something to do, we can tide it.

Anchor chains, plane motors and train whistle.

Tell me how far am I from reality when I feel that we have a future?

There is nothing called pure virtue.

Passion often trumps virtue.

My idea of love is having a personal space with someone I love and not sabotaging my life or theirs. 

The spiraling mind of a commoner never strikes the point, there is no foresight nor there was ever a hindsight.

The courage to do what we can, the serenity to accept what we can’t and the wisdom to know the difference.

At first, they enforced slavery and now they want to volunteer and make world a better place.

If I have time to breathe, then I have time for you.

If you keep bottling up your feelings, they manifest elsewhere in much worse form.

Almost as if the horns were blaring for me to go, or in my heart urging me to realize something as close as an approaching train.

There is a reason why the general term for human behavior is called human nature, because it is as unpredictable as the nature itself is.

They hugged each other like they were water to the other in desert.

When you cling to a futile wish, first, it is not possible and lastly, everything in the present becomes worthless.

We fought each other for death, and he won. Death was his price.

I don’t have one big long-term goal, I just have an idea and I keep making many small goals in its direction.

We are all alone here, we have to deal with our problems ourselves and any sign of weakness is repulsive to most.

We put our expectations and raise demand from people, not from those who are able but from those who would, even if they are not.

This life is too small to spend into thinking, ‘oh they might be busy’

Find yourself, lose yourself, find someone.

Philosophy and abstract expressionism grants release, for the soul so that it doesn’t succumb under its own pressure.

I need to know the ground on which I’m standing is firm or not? 

Most people stay where they were born, while some people set out to find paradise beyond the desert. They keep chasing the mirage and when they reach an oasis, few of them settle and call it paradise. Fewer still, carry on and find the paradise.

The things you do are far more powerful than the things that happen to you in shaping who you are.

Your family will never judge you.

Sometimes, silence can heal where words would harm.

Everyone has their own reality.  

Knowing a lot, hurts. 

Is it all we need, or do we need it at all?

Sometimes, it is easier to speak to strangers than most people we know because strangers have less reasons to lie.

Do not try to find too much meaning in life because there isn’t.

Travel has long been misinterpreted as therapy. It is so much more than that! Just like shopping has a purpose and retail therapy is, well, therapeutic.

Beautiful is what we see, more beautiful is what we know and most beautiful is what we don’t know.

Winter is going and I am waking up.

Just like thousands of children dying in Africa is not my problem, me being sad should be nobody’s problem.

Indians don’t have a unified inherited legacy like the Irish or Scottish, we need to make our own, now! Or to be proud of the fragmented legacy we have and take collective pride.

Can you tell a naïve from a knave?

We usually regret things we didn’t do or say more than what we did and said.

When we say something, we can only hope to be politically correct; not literally and never emotionally.

Etched in stone for all eternity, living document, derelict, sacrosanct.

I’m selfish, but if my dome of selfishness includes you. You wouldn’t need anything else.

To be inebriated is living for me.

Do not forget to water your house plants.

When it is drizzling and there is a light breeze that carries with it, the scent of green leaves; a memory is evoked which was made on a similar day with some other pieces, now lost. Feel this bubble of joy, of reliving something beautiful rather than searching for those missing pieces.

Be stable like a boat, fluid and dynamic, that boat which always rocks in every direction but moves only in one – the path which we choose, set our sails on, guided by the wind.

Weed out the impostors.

Some people are insane to me, as I am to some people.

You are always at the staging point of your life.

Nothing is absolute – no feeling, no person, no accomplishments, no possession, but survival until death is. Death is the surrender of that absolute.

If you are breathing, you haven’t lost.

The biggest loss in life is the loss of integrity.

The best impression one can have is no impression at all.

Where knowledge ends, speculations begin.

A lonely man is like an icicle waiting for a ray of sunshine to thaw its misery.

Letting go is an utterly selfish act.

When we let something go, how often do we think about why did we hold it in the first place?

Before belittling someone as a recluse, think, maybe he chose to spend more time with himself than anybody else.

Learn to be true to others but to yourself first.

Stop regretting and start building.

I’m not sure if I am right but I’m sure I didn’t meet anyone who is.

With insight, conscience, intellect and reasoning we should not become so prescriptive so as to let it steer our personal lives wholly. It should also be reckless, witty, whimsical and most of all guided by heart.

I change shoes more often than one can appreciate.

Whether there is a master plan for you or not? whether we believe in destiny or fate? Does not matter, for life will still happen.

Enlightenment is knowing that there is a state of mind called enlightenment.

I do not know what I want and I have no shame in admitting it. I don’t even know when I am thirsty, I just drink water when I am parched or I have time or when I come across a tap or when someone offers me.

Don’t let even the person you love dictate how you love.

Recognition of both, the saint and the devil is very important to have a deeper understanding of oneself.

Everyone has a devil in them, it’s just that the powerful people can let it loose for they don’t care for the aftermath. The cruel Kings or tyrants of the past, the reckless rich, corrupt ministers in democracy are all examples of the devil let loose.

At some point in our lives we are faced with a situation when being the devil won’t really hurt us. The choice we make in these moments is the true test of our personality, how we really are? are we really a good person as our mothers think? or are we hiding a hideous beast shackled in the chains of imposed morality by the society?

I would respect a person if he can own up to the choice he made in being the devil and be modest about being the saint.

Being good is choosing to be good when you can afford to be bad.

There are billions of people in this world but why are we affected by the choices of one or a few people only? because we have invested in them our time, energy, thoughts and just like a good businessman we want the return of our investment. Their going away is seen as a loss, their sorrows perplexing and their hatred, a punishment.

May the possibilities be endless, and the reality be what you choose.

There is no point in deluding ourselves. It only helps the moment and harms the future.

At some point, pick your side.

Why is parent’s love not enough? Why we need someone of opposite sex to love us, care for us? The answers are rooted in the instincts. We are all survivalists and deep down we know that they won’t around forever. The only way we can continue in posterity is through our offspring. We all want something of our own.

Don’t panic until you can do something.

Moderation is good. As Aristotle said, all good is the mean of two bads, like courage is the mean of rashness and cowardice.

We judge our actions by our own internal motives and that of the others by the consequences of their actions.

Rudeness is the insurance of some people against emotional scrutiny.

The bed becomes a very interesting place at night, especially if you’re alone and if you have the courage to face the truth. It becomes the meeting ground for all the people inside of you.

The path to self-knowledge is treacherous.

It is up to you to decide, which impulses to restrain and which to channelize.

Moderate yourself only unto the point where your will is not diluted.

Do not impose your thinking onto others.

A paternalistic approach can be labelled and rationalized as care but it really is a veiled incredulity in the ability of others.

Something beautiful happens when you spend enough time at a place or with a person.

It is when you go to depths of a body of knowledge that you find the treasures. Gold is buried deep.

I know I am careless, that’s why I am always careful.

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts3

4 Feb

I do want to live in a bejewelled sea of lies and deceptions. I would much rather prefer a cleaner sea of miseries.

There is a beauty in struggle.

If you do not add wood to the fire it is bound to extinguish.

Why surmise only when an aching heart has found its solace?

Keep amusing yourself with one thing and then the other and life shall go on.

Never stop pursuing what gives you pleasure and never keep doing what gives you pain, for no possible reason or person.

If we really want to document human feelings beyond the categorical. Every person should write about their lives, experience and feelings. That is how unique every person is!

Everything in isolation has its own beauty, which is lost when seen in context.

I can hear the clock clearly! Each second passing by with a loud thump, if you only stop to hear it.

How often does it happen in life that you know it cannot get any better than this and yet you choose to walk away?

Just like at the end of a hard day at work there is a sweet lull of the satisfaction and the anticipation for a sleep. Such should be our life, when we are towards the end, a sweet lull should infuse in anticipation for the sleep. 

Our life is not an object that we may expend frivolously over unworthy people.

One thing that I will never want to do if I get to start over, that I will not hurt no living being ever, including myself.

Have you ever wondered about a paradox that every good thing in this world is difficult to obtain or do and every difficult thing is good?

Do not expect others to think in the same manner as you would think given the same situation.

I learnt, and lost you.

Life is nothing but a work in progress of reaching somewhere, we think we know.

The scale of our activities depends on how high our aim is.

There are two kinds of motives, deficit and inspiration, sometimes both.

The more surety seeking you do the more unsure you become.

Anything distant in time becomes murkier.

We tend to forget what we have promised earlier. 

We can never make a perfect decision we can only make a decision.

One should always keep things simple, everybody suffers from a complication.

Regret of not doing something is far worse than the punishment of doing it.

Everything bounces back!

I was once a small innocent child to whom I could never go back.

You can never marvel at the concept of a time machine until you have lost something very dear.

A great fiction novel will still remain a fiction novel.

Real stories are real but fiction has multiple realities, the embodiments of primal landscapes and testimonies.

It is very important to go out of your comfort zone sometimes, for it to remain comforting.

Unfulfilled wishes are essential in a life of wisdom.

I pray nobody experiences death before death actually happens to them.

There is nothing more valuable than human emotions.

One can say ‘I love you’ and mean it in the moment but some see love in hindsight.

Those who are mostly angry or irritated do not hate others, they actually hate themselves 

There is nothing that you can hold on to permanently, so make the most of it while it’s yours.

The only thing you can control is your deeds everything else in this world is variable.

There was a time when my face used to shine and my happiness knew no bounds. Now, it’s not the same but it’s not bad either.

I want to go to a place where I see no road signs, ad boards, license plates or milestones or radio towers; where there are people.

I know not, what gives me pleasure and what gives me pain.

I’m about to die but it is not death that worries me, it is my past. Still irrevocable, still irreparable and that is how it will remain..

You can never know what life is if you don’t know what it’s not.

Peace is the thing everybody wants but not everyone can come to terms that they need it.

You don’t know until you know and even then you might not know.

You lose the people you love when you put them in the sight of rationality.

We don’t share everything, we just try and delude ourselves with the merrymaking, Sometimes you need to feel lonely to know that you can be better.

The thing about life is, the more you know about its puzzle pieces the more difficult it gets.  

People that we have lost cannot disappoint us, or at least not any further.

A façade of non-vulnerability only adds to the suffering.

I’m letting you go but I’m keeping us.

Scott Westerfield once said that the human heart (and for that matter brain too) is a very strange vessel. Love and hate can exist side by side

It’s a long long time since I felt anything.

He was scared but not afraid to lose his life.

Life is a string of fleeting moments and we are all in a constant endeavour to capture them.

At first we don’t know what we want, then we want everything and when we realise that we only really want very few things, it’s usually very late.

All men reach where they want to, but it is the path which had taken them there thar matters more than the destination.

You find yourself when you are alone.

You have to know your place. All the time and every time.  

What happens when you place the lantern of your happiness in somebody’s hand. You become a puppet and run after them.

The greatest joy is in indulging yourself.

You have been one encounter that can never be repeated, not even yourself.

Far too often, you make the stride out of the realm of reality in to fantasy. In hopes, that the adventure, the fantasy could be turned into reality.

Sometimes I just want to curl back into myself and sleep.

Dependence often transcends into cowardice.

It is the uncertainties of life, that makes life interesting.

Your time on earth cannot be increased or decreased. Nobody can take it away from you or give to you, what you have is your own share of time. All what you can do is, make good use of it.

Never be hassled by the tumultuousness of life.

There is a vague sense of happiness in detachment. Although, it depends on where we were to begin with.

‘There is no happiness or sadness in this world, simply a comparison of one state with another, nothing more’ – Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo.

Only the successful can afford the luxury of unkempt thoughts.

Passion is like fire, it consumes the person.

When you feel hurt, it’s important what you think about!

When you have the most awkward feeling, it is not everyone you feel like speaking to.

Some people are reduced to figures that hold sentimental values, nothing more.

Make yourself comfortable to spend time with yourself, train your mind to have no thoughts when they are not needed, keep your soul undiluted and unadulterated, uphold your existence to not be affected by the existence or non-existence of others.

It’s not all black and white and I guess that’s one of the aspect of storytelling that one tends to omit, the grey areas. But, when so many things happen over so many years it does become hard to communicate the sanctity of emotions without being hurdled by the grey areas.

No amount of time spent in travel is ever wasted.

The mountains, they are so different from afar.

The difference between the things one can forgive and the things one can’t, defines a person.

If I could hold on to only two things they would be, To be able to help and forgive.

Cars are not permanent, thoughts and philosophy are.

If you feel anything because of anyone, it’s because of you.

To be true is most important.

Be equal.

The essence of philosophy is that we should live as if our happiness depends on as little as possible on external causes.

The most important thing about a person is the quality that he possesses. Not the money, not the looks, not nothing.

Question everything!

It’s not important what a person said but how a person behaved.

One should not let himself be controlled by the desire of pleasure or the fear of suffering.

To be peaceful one should be able to detach himself from everything but not forever.

As one ages the blacks and white tend to become grey.

The key is not to get bored with one thing too fast.

This world has no value for the good of a person. There is no currency for goodness.

Always with a smile.

There’s nobody to hear me now, maybe it’s time to sleep.

Nature has all the answers.

If you can’t say, you know everything. If the limit is infinite, your best is to do your best. Be humble.

Honesty comes in degrees.

Do your best and let the world happen to you.

When you read, you don’t see, you imagine.

Do not take refuge in someone’s heart for they also need to take care of themselves. 

For me, home is where my mother lives.

What you think, what you do and who you seek when you are feeling low, defines you.

An Autumn Dream

2 Feb

Never someone with a purpose,

Fallen, tumbling driftwood at best.

Swirling, swerving at every cross,

I found myself lost but not lost.


I saw arrows fly and trees grow,

Also, leaves fell and rains flow,

With wind blowing from all four,

Kin’s apathy, a stranger’s succour.


People from all walks came across,

and shared their journeys with zest.

But life isn’t one with two horses,

I conceived at other people’s behest.


In the rhythm of the music, I waltzed

If only, had I known what I wanted?

I wouldn’t have made, misery

Or Ecstasy, their lives maybe.


A life, so enchanting, can be

full of disenchantments seen,

In loser parties, shindigs or soirées.

Alluring then rubbish, like a bouquet.


Have you ever paused to hear?

the rustling of the golden brown,

the trajectory of the golden green,

In an autumn evening’s dream.


If yes, nothing more need be said.

Still, I don’t know what’s the case?

Love more or care less.

Lonesome Faith

2 Feb

A silent prayer, made of words,

But sounds seldom heard.

Made in void, with faith to carry

A faith in faith, made awry.


A spirit is a soul; a man, a person;

A tree, a shade; a flower, beautiful;

A house, protective; a fence, useful;

Years, a life; Only in presence, yours.


One’s cup is another one’s cage.

A sinner for one is another’s sage.

Love for one is someone’s rage.

Alone, is someone on the stage.


Unable to be by himself only.

In circles, but ever envy.

Respected but loved rarely.

Not alone, but definitely lonely.


Where compassion is conditional;

Sympathy, short-lived;

Pity, purposeful;

Love, lost.

Two Haikus – My Heart

2 Feb

When I think of that winter morning,

that beautiful chilly morning,

my heart freezes.


When I think of those summer days,

those beautiful warm days,

my heart breaks.

Water and the Sky

2 Feb

A boat rocks, in a shimmering lake,

Two people, watch the red drape,

The silver merges with the canvas,

Water beneath, perpetual and ceaseless.


Birds scuttle in the domed backdrop

And the world moves as a mere prop.

Two, caught in waves look for a clue,

Of significance in the indifferent blue.



They fly in the same gust of wind,

Sharp chirp and feathers fluttering.

Breaking promises never to rescind,

Seeking solace in their brief union’s inkling.


Just before vanishing in the blue

As merely distinct dots thus far,

They fly in, towards each other

To become united as one.

Beyond the horizon.

The Poor Stone

2 Feb

Once, so proud

The stone, proclaimed

I’ll be forever

Not knowing 

The generous water

Will wash with itself

The sheen and the strength.

The Moon

2 Feb

You’re like the moon I was right,

Beautiful scars all over, still pure as white.


Just like the moon you wax and wane,

But in feelings, not your name.


You are red and sometimes blue,

Magical eclipses like the other moon.

Sun and the Warmth

2 Feb

Clear like glass and sure like death,

My love is neither fragile nor timid, like fate.


To give up is not to lose,

To give up is not defeat.


Neither it’s a goodbye

Nor the loss of pride.


To vouch in my love for you,

Trust me not, if my breath said so,


But, place your hand on my heart,

And look into my eyes, they’ll tell you.


That it is as true as I am alive,

As true as the day, the pain or the sun.


If you can see what I see, we are

United as the sun and the warmth.

Water – An imagery

2 Feb

Formless forever,

Obedient to nature.

Babbles and ripples,

Trickles and bubbles.


Ceaseless, Motionless;

Lacklustre and shiny.

A glass, a vase;

A spoon or a pool.


Offers lessons aplenty.

Fall, fly; burn, build,

Rest, rapture; heal, hum

But never impervious.

The Nails of regret – A poem

2 Feb

One must give his all,

For what else is life without

Emptiness that grooms a soul,

For fulfillment beyond clouds.


Take caution in your actions;

Seek not the fruit but the seed.

Alike, so in your inactions-

Heed not the shelter but a shade.


For easy is to live, wanting.

Difficult is to live, regretting

An action not taken or that

taken too soon or too late.


A cold space that freezes

gumption, a fire that burns

the spirit, a nail that hangs

the soul on the wall of time.

Revelations – A poem for oneself

2 Feb

Extravagant and wild,

But never a squanderer,

Swift and windy

But never a wanderer.


Come across people sly

Let them aggrieve, for they will

No one could stop you fly

But you, could break your will.

Let’s get ahead of the rest – a lipogram

2 Feb

Let’s get ahead of the rest

Lest we secede the test

See the blessing at the crest,

Breast ahead, breast ahead.


Feast and fest, lurk ahead.

Leave the fear, for the fear

Of festering, Festinate!

Free the fear, free the fear.


Leave the lesion, leave

the legion, circumvent

End in a cess of mess.

The lesson is — Less is excess.


6 Jan

Piano is the best musical instrument for me; I don’t know to play any musical instrument except a little bit of guitar or harmonica. It is because piano has these clear notes that come one after the other as strikes of keys that are purposeful yet do not always submit to a pattern. Other instruments for example have a flow of sound which are too continuous for a music naive mind like mine. They do not give time to think and react, in a way that makes my mind a passive listener; they do have the transportive effect that music is supposed to have but I do not want to get lost, at least not most of the times.

As I said a music naive mind like mine is not an expert to adjudge one piece of piano from another but the ones I like best which evoke a sensation of contemplation with every stroke of ivory, where the pianist is inviting the listener to come along in a journey with closed eyes. I do not like pieces which are jolly and uplifting because they make you want to open your eyes and smile nor do I like melancholic pieces because they hold your hand in to a dimly lit room where one usually prefers to close their eyes. I want to blink.

Try this – Piano Concerto No. 21 In C Major, K. 467: II. Andante


5 Jan

There is a reason some languages have words with a deep, subjunctive meaning open to interpretation. For example ‘Saudade’ is a beautiful word in Portuguese which means vague and strong longing for someone or something you are not very familiar with or ‘Schadenfreude’  is a German word which means gratification in the misfortune of others. These words as you might have noticed have no easy or direct synonym in the English language and they need description, almost a definition. Why are they and many such words are there in certain languages. The answer to that is in the very development and evolution of the language itself. The shared feelings, common observances and values of a culture are codified in the form of words. They not only reflect the semantic diversity and contribute to the growing enormity of the language but are pieces of culture, values and feelings which have been collected and stored as relics in the museum of language, forever preserved like art – timeless and indestructible.

These words not only reflect the evolution of culture of the past but continues to dictate it in the present and will without a doubt continue to do so in posterity. This phenomenon has been captured in the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis of Linguistic determinism which in essence says that the language we use affect how we think.

Hopi language have no words for time. The Dani people of New Guinea have only two words for colour – Mili (Cold and dark) and Mola (warm and bright). Such examples are many.

Not having words for certain things does not mean that the people see the world any differently, it is just that they value different things differently. The beauty of language is that sometimes a string of alphabets can describe the most vague and inner feelings, say volumes about our condition, something no other human could comprehend. Sometimes, that’s all that we need.

Steven Pinker in his book (The language instinct) says that all people have an innate language of thought called mentalese and we are translating that to the language of communication.

So the languages can be seen as DNAs of the culture or at least the building blocks of it along with some other building blocks like art and music. But, one thing that gives language an edge and an advantage is that to alter a language within and by a cultural context, one does not need money or prodigious talent as art and music does. Language chisels the intangible sculptures of a culture by a force as human as humans itself – perseverance.

So the question we can all ask ourselves is, Does language inform culture or culture inform language?

The Tiger

5 Jan

They set up bait and waited and waited but the tiger who has been a menace to the nearby villages but he wasn’t lured. It was already late in the night, later than their earlier expeditions. The sky was dimly lit with a half-moon, enough to see outlines of trees and people nearby but nothing quite clearly.

Perched at a little height from the bait, near a clearing and a dash’s distance away from an old mango tree, was their camp. Men think that they are invincible if they have a gun in their hand, but they forget that one can only defend themselves from the dangers that could be seen or heard or otherwise sensed and danger usually does not come howling or screaming or roaring.

They were far from home and deeper in the jungle than they were prepared for, but a sense of responsibility and duty overwhelmed their fear, a sort of integrity and effrontery that has gotten rarer by the years. Some might call it stupidity to put oneself in the face of danger for no obvious benefits but then it would only bolster the point that chivalry is getting rare and selfishness is sweeping across the society.

When it was the turn for one of the younger members of the group to keep watch, he found immense comfort in the fire in front of him which pulled him while the cold breeze on his back further pushed him towards the dancing warmth which seemed like moving gold in this inclement weather which befell the night. Ironically, he was the last one to wake up from the guzzling noise of the bear as he grappled and twisted your grandfather, bears don’t let go easily, they are fixated on their target. But, fortunately for all of us, other people managed to scare him away somehow, with gunshots and such. He was breathing, barely and with pain but breathing, nonetheless. There is so much difference in life and death that it is incomprehensible for a person unless they actually experience it. Until then, live every breath and moment, really.

In this upheaval, some of their horses broke free and two men ran after, to fetch them or for their lives, no one really knows but they didn’t come back which was telling as usually is the result, not the act. More importantly, the rest stayed back as loyal companions and became more so as time went by. It is in such defining moments of life that our river takes a turn and unites or secedes from others.

Do not confuse my advice to ‘live in every moment’ with ‘only a few moments matter’. I know they do not align together, still, they both are true. You’ll know!

So, then it was impossible to carry your grandfather back home without the horses and the men. While I waited and waited, at first in the room with your uncle and aunts sleeping tight and warm after a day full of play. But as the night grew darker and colder with time and the flickering lamps began to trouble your father’s sleep. I took it out and went into the courtyard and soon your uncle who was the eldest followed me, he also knew what it meant to have not returned. Those were uncertain times, a broken bone could mean destitution for the family, let alone the loss of your grandfather. Yes, that thought did cross my mind and also your uncle’s, I am sure. As we sat there helpless in that damp winter night, there was not a clock nearby to remind us of the ticking of time. Each draft of the windswept the dried leaves and ruffled the curtains but hit us both hollow. We then moved to the ‘big door’. As I looked at the converging grey band of the earth that vanished into a point between the trees in the distance. My eyes were filled with tears forlorn and they found their way out eventually.

When I found my vision be awash in my tears, above the surface I saw a yellow dot dancing and becoming bigger and bigger as I rose to the surface and eventually out of the water to see my husband in the bullock cart, trying to say something…

The mother-son clung each other’s hands in hope. Luckily, my grandfather survived and suffered no disabling injuries. He spent months recovering from the flesh wounds, but when he was fully able, he returned and killed the man-eater tiger.

Grace – Acceptance unto yourself and others

10 Dec

In a world so dark and gloomy,

Where feathers fall from grace,

Dead leaves dry on stone face

Thunder rumbles without a trace.


Magic fountains run within

And people gather a while.

As long as birds are sitting,

Even on a bone brittle aisle.


Know nothing but this

You are not a rigid receiver

But a moving receptacle 

Open up! don’t quiver 


Faith is your child

And hope is your enemy.

For there is no friend,

But you, unto yourself.


Love and you will be lost

In woods of horror or

Amid trees of paradise

Love and you shall find

If not love, yourself.

The beauty of Language

1 Jul

There is a reason some languages have words with a deep, subjunctive meaning open to interpretation. For example ‘Saudade’ is a beautiful word in Portuguese which means vague and melancholic longing for someone or something you are not very familiar with or ‘Schauderfrade’  is a German word which means gratification in the misfortune of others.

These words as you might have noticed have no easy or direct synonym in the english language and they often need description, almost a definition. Why are they and many such words there in certain languages. The answer to that is in the very development and evolution of the language itself.

The shared feelings, common observances and values of a culture are codified in the form of words. They not only reflect the semantic diversity and contribute to the growing enormity of the language but are pieces of culture, values and feelings which have been collected and stored as relics in the museum of language, forever preserved like art – timeless and indestructible. Living in the collective conscious of us all.

These words not only reflect the evolution of culture in the past but continues to dictate it in the present and will without a doubt continue to do so in posterity. This phenomenon has been captured in the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis of Linguistic determinism which in essence says that the language we use affect how we think. If I know a word say – Saudade, I will subconsciously align my feelings with what it describes, simply because then it will be easier for me to communicate it in the form of a package. It will also give me a feeling of being a part of something, when I feel something that has been described before because it was felt by someone before me.

So the languages can be seen as DNAs of the culture or at least the building blocks of it along with some other building blocks like art and music. But, one thing that gives language an edge and an advantage is that to alter a language within and by a cultural context, one does not need money or prodigious talent as art or music does. Language chisels the intangible sculptures of a culture by a force as human as humans itself – perseverance.

Tiger in a cage : Reflection on the repressed desires, a short story

28 Mar

Jameel was a middle-aged tourist guide in the regional national park in Mombasa, Kenya. It could be said in succinct that he was much too endowed than a ‘tourist guide’ is usually imagined as. He was tall and slim but not thin, he moved briskly with agility and grace at the same time. He was quite reflexive to the sounds, as he needed to be – from tourists and the jungle alike. His face was sharp with prominent jaw lines and the aviators complemented his countenance superbly.

Today, he had a little stubble which he couldn’t care for, in his morning routine as he had errands and a visit due to her grandmother at the hospital before going to work. He always had so much on his plate, much of what he enjoyed and accepted everything else as burden to be shouldered responsibly like attending school meeting for his younger sister, helping her with homework, cooking meals for his family which included a much too young sister and a much too old grandmother — being the parent for the lack of them. He always did everything to the best of his ability and time. Took every day as it came, for there wasn’t really a choice otherwise.

But there was a desire lurking inside him, kept shackled only by his earthly circumstances which he could break only in his imagination—daydreaming as some of us call it.

When we cannot fulfil something in the real world, we tend to do that in an alternate reality in our mind. He did that too, but he was resolute in bringing that to the real world. He wanted a car, all for himself not rented or leased but his own, almost like an extension of himself, which he could drive and feel at the steering like the proud captain at the helm of a ship.

Amongst all the vain and childish desire that he had managed to kill conveniently, throughout his years growing up. This one was a survivor and he took cognizance of it by toiling tirelessly day and night, saving up. But somehow, he always fell short.

Today, while returning from the hospital he thought to himself ‘I need to keep some money saved for in case Kiki needs hospital care for long and it will be a wise for if she does not need it Luna will need it for her university and if I keep saving, it will contribute to my car’ He smiled at himself, he had successfully tricked his mind like a ring master would put a tiger in a cage but one day the tiger will explode out of it, Hopefully.

Different mornings – A piece about the start of the day

27 Mar

Waking up is the best part of the day when I am at home, especially in the winters. It usually is by the chatter of the news reporters on the television which my father puts up, only as a morning routine and paying no attention whatsoever while reading his newspaper and sipping his richly sweetened ‘chai’, the aroma of which fills the room and for me is enough to awaken my senses. After wishing him good morning and exchanging a quick untainted smile, I settle on my Sofa with my phone and all the otherworldly thing it has to offer. The sofais placed such that the sun casts a wide arc of ‘stage light’, which tenderly warms me. My olfactory senses are soon attacked by an army of aromas from the kitchen, which usually, inevitably abducts me and bring me to my mom where her uncorrupted smile greets me. She offers me a rich cream milk, every sip of which lasts a lifetime on my tongue … my day begins.

On some days and usually earlier than my dad, it can be my mom in the prayer room chanting mantras and prayers with the metronomical beating of the prayer bell. Although, I have never noticed, if there is a difference on how the day progresses differently when it starts this way. This draws me into a more relaxed mood, almost like a continuation of my repose but in a more engaging way, I follow the sound trail and end up in the prayer room. I, am agnostic by belief but when the ambience is at harmony with the peace of the soul, I submit to whatever that is and indulge in it. Very, soon my gurgling belly demands for supplies and I find myself fishing for breakfast in the kitchen … my day begins.

On most days, when I am at work, the alarm bell rings and becomes a lullaby for the ensuing power nap and every passing minute becomes henceforth, the force which pulls the string of the slingshot and it finally snaps and sends me off in the mechanics of the day. My mind goes from sleep to a hyperfunctioning state in a matter of seconds, the acceleration can even beat a 2020 Tesla Roadster and suddenly I am brewing coffee and hardly finding time and space to appreciate one the most beautiful smell of the world, I am also getting ready in all possible ways – mentally and physically for the day that lies ahead.

There’s you – A poem about the overwhelming feeling of love

31 Jan

Everywhere I went,

Every person I met,

Every laughter I sent,

Every evening where the sun set.

There was you.


You live in tenses, all three;

The present, I live;

The past, I believe;

The future, we will be.


Aloof from the world we remain,

Living in it nevertheless,

There is nothing left to gain,

Except togetherness.


Eternal life is a myth,

They say with mouths stiff.

That forever has its limits,

But, we walk on the edge of a cliff.


To feel the strong sea,

and touch the ground beneath,

The waves are our life’s potpourri

The stars above and us Underneath.

One Summer

27 Jan

One summer, I made a sandcastle with my sister on the terrace of our old house, it was two flights of stairs and very sunny on the top, so our mother would advise us against it, rather prohibit us from going there in the noon time. And, we as all children are, were indomitable to do just the opposite of that, which usually is against our parents’ advice. So, we would wait each day for our mother to take her afternoon nap so that we could sneak into the terrace and work on it day-by-day, from architectural design, to building material to the engineering and the actual construction, it took us almost the whole of that summer to build it.

It is one of the most vivid childhood memories I have. Every day it would become more beautiful and bigger, we would never feel the thirst or the heat or the dirt on our hands, we were very enthusiastic, we were kids!

Some days, we would even have some wreckage due to winds or rapid drying of the sand or due to some birds while we were gone and some days we would just spend on repairing what was lost without making actual progress, well we did not have a blueprint or a timeline anyway, which was helpful in preventing us from being disappointed and, again, we were kids! But, slowly and surely, we thought that it will be complete even to our vague understanding of complete and that one day we would surprise Mom!

One day, it drizzled just a little bit and we enjoyed that because it was the first rain of that year and I had always loved it, so we danced in the rain, enjoyed it a lot, received some furious words of caution and warning from our mother about that too, about how we can fall sick if we played in it for too long. But, only after savouring the rain for all it was, did we stop and then waited to resume our project that afternoon. With a joy more than usual we climbed the stairs and to our dismay we found that our castle was washed away, with some pricking remains of it trying to hold on, in despair. It was hurtful to the eyes and our hearts, that months of our hard work, dreams and fantasies crumbled to a modest and innocuous rain which we ourselves had enjoyed so much not so long ago. I remember my sister crying and I not knowing what I was feeling, my sister wanted to work at it again and rebuild it. But I was dissuaded, and we never returned to it. The first few days were hard, every afternoon we would miss the ‘castle’, but as more days passed, we found comfort in the feeling that it is not the castle that is gone that we miss, we miss us working at it, together. The sand was cleared, and it gave way for a nice patio which we enjoyed growing up. Now, we never talk about it, something that once consumed us and our mind almost all of the day is now reduced to a distant memory, a memory which we now remember, and it only brings us happiness of the times we worked together.

When I reflect about it now after 20 years, I think that summer, taught me this:

  • Nothing lasts forever.
  • It is important to enjoy the moment.
  • Do not stop anyone from doing what they want, it will always be in their interest and the best for them.
  • It is the knowledge and our interpretation of things and events which can either make us happy or sad, not the thing itself.
  • It would be a prudent advice not to invest your feelings in something that is not permanent, but I know it is impossible to so.
  • We all need distractions in our lives.
  • Find someone to work on a common goal, the road becomes so much more enjoyable.
  • Moving on from something is not a sign of incapability or cowardice, not all the time at least.
  • You and only you are the best judge of that and everything else.

Thanks for reading!

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts21

11 Feb

You cannot take in everything this world has to offer; it is just too much. Therefore, you need to have active receptors for the things you like and then you’ll realise the things you like are everywhere.

Some people are just not loveable, for which there is no apparent reason.

You can tell a lot about the day just by how much you remember about it.

Our mind is excellent at the gatekeeping of memories, if something is fresh even after years. It was worth keeping and remembering.

Failure is but a step towards success.

Is there more to life or just the daily struggles? The more is an alluring mirage.

There is nothing more intimate than someone asking for your well-being, for the sake of their peace.

I’ll never choose another life than mine.

It’s not until you are ill or unwell that you think that who will take care of you? 

Has solidarity increased or decreased?

Art cannot be narrowly defined. It means different things for different people.

The moth needs to be a chrysalis before becoming a butterfly, even if it doesn’t want to.

We accept all flaws in co-workers but not in ones we love.

Everybody is a good person unless what they want is at a conflict.

Relationships are veneered with a plaster of obligatory customs and the fear of fallout. Beneath which lies a crumble of emotions and feelings held together by that veneer.

Economics is sociology stripped off of its customs and civility.

People who don’t understand sense should be flooded in a deluge of bullshit.

The ‘Tragedy of Commons’ is the simplest example of tragedy of commons.

Turning a blind eye to ulterior motives of someone’s seemingly kind disposition is foolhardy.

Your rancorous remarks are the odd pebbles hurting my feet as I walk the idyllic beach.

In science, there is a constant interplay between inductive inference (based on observations) and deductiveinference (based on theory), until we get closer and closer to the ‘truth,’ which we can only approach but cannot ascertain.

Most anti-feminists have masculine insecurity which stems from their fragile ego.

This is the oldest you have been and the youngest you will ever be.

Chauvinism is an ailing trait.

You gut feeling is as important as the empirical validity.

Revellers of your success can become revilers and vice versa.

Hypocrisy is my anathema.

A person’s credulity is often seen as his weakness.

The misty air, murky water, garbled voices, gloomy light and wistful thinking.

Not many things are fungible in today’s consumerist world. But ironically money is the most fungible thing.

It is sinful to revel in a reverie unless it is earned.

This prose is harder to parse than the verse.

The semantic, syntactic and epistemic aspect of a scientific theory should all be seen in its entirety.

Do not get enamoured with your own perspective so much so that you put a blind eye to the counterfactual even if it is evident.

The last thing I would want to be is indelicate.

The sceptical problem is an untenable trilemma.

Our mind is placed in the mould of the society which shapes and restricts its growth.

An indolent life soon becomes a rapacious venture.

A heretic is often a hedonist.

Notoriety and impropriety go hand in hand.

Moral vicissitude is hypocritical.

You may trespass without transgressing.

Shoddy schlock is usually on sale.

Stoicism has an undertone of determinism.

From one escape to another.

All of us live between our memories and our imagination.

One should never let moments take control of consequent moments.

People are not lost in places but in time.

Words, written or spoken will often fail. So, try to give the benefit of doubt to people.

All of us we humans, meet at such differing phases of life that it’s hard to understand each other to begin with.

Feelings are just a bunch of chemicals playing with your brain

The things you do are far more powerful than the things that are done to you, in shaping who you are.

We end up regretting things we didn’t say or didn’t do rather than what we did and spoke. We never can be sure enough to say or do anything so just do it!

Let the parts of the memories as they come back to you, complete you.

Tell me, what is better? Being effortlessly good or being rude but making efforts to be good?

Too much enjoyment can be a cause for sorrow

One can let themselves be played for love but never let them make a fool out of you.

I can’t emphasise how important it is to be mindful.

We become more and more of ourselves every day, hopefully.

Charity is the most derogatory cause for any deed mankind does.

Smell is presence without touch.

If you allow the same thing to bother you again and again, you’re stupid.

The world and the people in it will continue to act the way they were. You are here as a mere observer and your job is not to let your mind get afflicted.

To see things as they are and not conform to norms was my curse.

I was able to see things clearly for what they were.

It is selfishness that drives every other personality trait in a person. People who are able to achieve things they want for themselves are more able to remain humble and polite, those who cannot have to resort to devious ways.

It is selfishness and the life circumstance that makes all the difference in a person.

Any sinner, rude or apathetic person could have been a saint, polite or deeply empathetic person, if only they had had conducive circumstances. Still, they cannot be exonerated from one shortcoming, that is the lack of integrity. So, if anyone can be good, it simply means that people who remain themselves in changing circumstances and do not prevaricate are the true heroes.

People commit all sorts of treachery and trespasses under the assumed layer of protection of emotions, the desire to maintain the status quo, the fake moral panoply and pretending to be prude.

Expectations are not bad it’s our attachments to them that makes us fear them.

First, remove all your assumptions and then move ahead.

It’s amazing, how you want to pour yourself to some people but can’t and can pour yourself to some but don’t want to.

It’s ironic, one often finds himself alone, in matters close to the heart.

Do not pursue desires that are insatiable.

Philosophy which often serves as a guide, may not be much of so if its purpose was intentional and to avoid pain. It should, however, confront us to all the thoughts in our head, of whatever mature or inclination. It should help us see clearly both the beautiful and the ugly.

Our lives are like fine threads of silk, and it is sometimes out of power to decide who we weave with and who we don’t, despite desires, despite feelings.

No one is self-less or truly selfish, we are all a mix of the two.

We can know nothing unless we are confronted with it, so until then confront yourself with the present.

If something is troubling you, sit with yourself quietly, maybe even try to meditate. Observe your thoughts, does it still trouble you? If not, then it was from own creation, a fantasy problem.

The whole purpose of language is witnessed when you are learning a language, it is to know more about the other person and through them learn more about the world.

Think of your mind as a Parthenon and loneliness as the time when you can fortify your acropolis. For when an intrusion occurs, you are able, to either open the gates or disallow.

As with most other things, even your fears, dreams and wishes could either be real or imagined.

When I preach, I’m also listening.

It’s only when you free your mind of love and hate that you see clear.

There is no reason to love someone and when there is none that’s when it is love.

Life is in moving, nature never halts, and it is never wrong. To be able to be happy one must learn to let go of the things gone or passed from life.

Rare is when people give due credit to those who deserve, but rarest is when someone gives their credit to others.

We can only love people around us, the moment they are away, the strongest of the love withers away with time.

Everything starts to seem temporary and fragile once you have had the experience of death. Nothing will last and everything is meant to end whether an emotion, a problem or even a person. It makes you live not in the present but a little ahead.

Let this ocean wash away my sins so that I may begin anew, with all that I have learnt and left with in life. Foregoing all that which was lost and taken. Let this breeze pick away my worries and inhibitions, take them far away from me for I have held on to them for long, long enough.

Sometimes, we understand a person, long after they are gone.

Memory is one of the greatest abilities of human brain in my opinion more than reasoning because it is only ‘memory’ that has the ability to transcend time back and forth, it is what keeps a person alive even after his demise.

Life has only two perspectives one, when you are living it and the other when you see it in retrospect.

A life of fullness without moral justification builds up something that has to give.

As time goes by picture fades away, furniture is changed, walls are painted anew, old differences are forgotten and new ones occupy our mind, the stock of our tell-tale stories change, our perspective, goals and targets change, things that used to occupy our mind wholly now only make crimson provoked appearances, people are forgotten, and new people are remembered. 

To have someone’s undivided attention is the highest interpersonal honour.

A helpless person is not one for whom there is no one to help. He is the one who does not want to be helped for he cannot help himself.

You cannot value something, unless you have experienced the opposite.

The only fuel of life that keeps it going instead of just passively trudging along is ‘something to look forward to’, the uncertainty of future, a keen desire to make it better than what it would be.

The quest of life will be over, and it would be totally meaningless if we could somehow peek in the future.

Priorities and wishes would keep changing as you are the coursing down life.

The best way to remember a moment is not what people said or did or the pics or the videos. It is how you felt in that moment.

When you are not able to go back to moments or a particular one in your life, know that it is gone forever.

The knowing of the fact that nothing in life is permanent or absolute or just as it appears, helpful as it may be, lessens the amount of joy that you can draw from life.

Happiness amongst other things is the ability to express oneself, without any restrictions.

One can never make himself immune to feeling sadness without losing the ability to feel happy.

One can only dwell on dreams or beautiful past for a finite time.

The heart always wants to try, give it another go, not knowing that it is like that arrow that goes deeper with any movement. 

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts20

9 Feb

You know we are a disaster, because we are too perfect for each other and too different. Maybe in another life. Au revoir.

We are a generation that is connected and isolated more than ever, at the same time.

Don’t dream of the future, for what it holds or the past, for what it could have been. Leave the dreaming for the night!

I don’t want to be a boss whose employees are on their toes when he is on their feet or one who is always followed. I want to be one whose employees feel as if they were with a friend and who is more loved than feared.

Amidst all the confusion, being fun and honest is what I aspire to be.

Art does not serve a purpose not even her own self. It is something that is neither born nor it dies, it is created and so it remains, timeless.

There is nothing that is not subject to change.

Does culture shape technological advancements or vice versa?

Just like any other thing, culture also runs its course.

Feared and downtrodden people look for assertive and strong leaders.

Most of the words for Law, Science, Culture, Business and architecture came from French. This innocuous sentence communicates a lot.

I wish, when I die, I have nothing on my mind except good memories.

Instead of expecting others to play nice, give yourself a position from where you don’t need their goodness.

Lately, the range of my emotions have been limited to a room; It is suffocating.

You can do anything to anything by taking it out of context.

All partings and meetings are a fight between belonging and freedom.

One cannot know what loss is unless they have earned something.

The easiest thing to do is to fill you heart with hatred.

If only there was a cure for loneliness, there wouldn’t be any creativity in this brim filled world of chaos.

Most beautiful things in life are those that we have no explanation for.  

One cannot effectively navigate life with one philosophy or a belief. Putting on clothes that suit the occasion is not just a cultural practice but has a deeper meaning in our lives.

People do not have time for what you hold in your heart, they are too busy looking at what is in their hands.

Being disappointed is worse than being betrayed. The difference between the two is not in what the other person does, it is  what you expected of them.

People who complain are weak.

A sword is flexible, and a hammer brittle.

Religion is just an aspect of culture with a purpose to herd us  

Pain has a purpose on a biological level just as failure has on an existential level.

The times are such that I don’t even have time to realise I’m weary. 

The weird thing about communication is that the speaker’s intent is a subject of the listeners prejudices and interests.

Conversations are more about what they want to understand instead of what you want to say. Making it all the more important that you are impeccable with your word.

Life is like a game of poker.

Always remember to pay it forward.

Someone who has earned and enjoyed life can renounce it or a part of it, not someone who has never tasted it.

Do not do anything that hurts your body or your mind and your life shall be simple.

Gratitude is a force.

Selfish people are always at an advantage because when met with less selfish people they get what they want because the latter often submit which feeds their ego to a point they hop on to an upward spiral of narcissism.

When you realise that the people you are with are selfish and ungrateful, it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere and there is a terrible earthquake. You wouldn’t die but faraway somewhere you know that things are broken and dead.

The path to success is fraught with loneliness and deep sighs. It’s a difficult dark alley with a persistent eerie feeling. At the end of which people are waiting with flowers and smiles as you walk among them.

Thoughts should lead to action not more thoughts.

That’s life… people play a part in yours and you play a part in theirs. That’s it, that’s life.

The smoke of a cigarette finds its way out the window, you just need to open them.

We can respect them, admire them, but we can never love our adversaries.

The primary, in fact the only reason we cannot find peace in an otherwise nature ruled symphony is because we expect people to behave the way we want them to be or things to be the way we want them to be. If we let go of this notion, our egos and believe in the independence of the other person, we can in that instant find peace.

You can’t blame people for who they are. The more you know the less you think you know and the humbler you become.

A person never dies as a person. One dies for people one by one – when people forget him with time, when his lovers stop thinking about them and erase all memories, he dies when friends don’t remember him. But, some people, few lucky ones are immortal, and they only die when the last person who kept them in their heart dies mortally.

Get to a stage where you can live with yourself, just by yourself. Then, see if you feel the need to be with anyone.

There is so little in life that actually matters!

Breaking up is like waking up to a very bad hangover. You promise yourself that you are never going to drink again. But then…

All of us have immense love to give and receive. It is not that a person is not right, it’s the Time.

My theory is that if you have real things to do in your life, you will never have a great body. If you have a great body, that means you’ve had a lot of free time or that you are a machinist.

A person’s body can tell a lot of things, a lot! Like an envelope of a mail that has travelled long distances.

Discretion is a better part of valour.

When people around you seek pleasure or satisfaction from your misfortune, it’s time to move on.

One can learn a lot from driving on the road. You always have to make choices; You are always in control; You don’t know what to expect after the turn; The rear-view mirror can only show you things for a short while; You need to shift gears; Sometimes and very rarely you need to go in reverse to obtain the right direction; After a while your car needs re-fuelling and maintenance.

You can continue to make mistake after mistake, but the world will make sure you end up with the right person. It is not about the perfect person for everyone is an amazing person, it is when you and the other person are ready.

It’s good to keep those people in your life that know you well.

There are some experiences one can only have when they have spent months at a place, worked on one craft for years and spent decades with the same person.

Just the mere presence of many choices can make you value each choice taken or not, less.

It is usually the worst things in life that are most transformational.

To speak and reveal about oneself takes energy and courage, that is why people shy away from doing it. It’s not easy to put yourself in a vulnerable spot. It drains you.

The grass seems greener on the other side because you have voraciously grazed your side.

One dresses for the occasion not for people.

A love based on highs is not love it is a drug, thence you do not fall in love you just get addicted to highs and exhibit crazy withdrawals in the absence of those highs.

One man’s Utopia is another man’s Dystopia.

You don’t have to say everything that comes to your mind to people, hold some words for yourself. You don’t have to share every beautiful pic that you take, save some for your own viewing pleasure.

No idea is novel, nothing is without a precursor and everything can be traced back to something. It is the nature of the nature, then how can you label the perfidy and belligerence of one person or a group to them? How can you assign the good deeds and adore the assiduous person or a group and not look at the people who are neath the seams? If one could look beyond what meets the eye, perhaps he could be less scornful and forgiving.

What is a man without his worries? An aimless wanderer searching for trouble.

Money makes more money, everything else is just about making ends meet.

While I know that people came to me in their comfort and for their comfort. I also know they are suffering just like me and while we are the cause of each other’s suffering, we cannot heal each other but we can try.

I wonder what’s better, the days of oblivion or the nights of memories?

Love is the comfort we seek when we are tired of bearing the weight of the world. Before that everyone is a backpacker, a solo traveller, an explorer, a wanderer, a philosopher.

Those who end up feeling satisfied with life shall find no more.

There is no such thing as a second chance, it’s a new opportunity every time.

Love is a dream you constantly wake up from and have every once in a while. Life is the day that happens consciously.

I know what loneliness does to you, it makes you eat chocolates and smoke cigarettes much more than you would want.

Everybody’s got a particular number of fights in them.

Life is a collection of 10 or maybe 20 days, depends on how good your life is. The rest are just fillers where you work towards those days. This is one of them.

What do you do to clams that do not open? you throw them away!

All our lives are significant yet insignificant depending on who is looking at it.

Some people are most selfish under the veil of love.

I learnt that you should not let your happiness hang on others, but what I also learnt is true happiness is not possible otherwise.

You should be enough!

We see what we want to see, that’s why we need objective truth sometimes.

Your rationality might drive your actions and seemingly win. But the misery will start when your emotions did not align with the rationale.

Always keep three things with you at all times keys, money and sunglasses.

Everything is transactional in a relationship until when emotions take over.

A feeling of indifference for someone is their death in my eyes.

Indifference is the cruellest sentiment.

In the grand scheme of things there are very few things that can alter the course of a man’s life.

Ego is more powerful than belief.

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts19

9 Feb

Instead of describing an object by its qualities, describing it by its function may be the first step away from consumerism and the soul dehumanising effects of capitalism.

The less we identify with materials around us, the more space it leaves for us to identify with another person.

…and he said ‘Weigh your heart and your options’

If you’re feeling something, it’s not for nothing.

If you cannot love my feelings or my values. What will you be loving then, anyway?

A burst of creative expression is a sign of an internal tumult grappling the soul.

Humans are utilitarian by birth. Every relationship is borne out of need. If there is no need for it then either there will be no relationship or insincere execution of it.

A thesis and an antithesis give rise to a synthesis again and again. Hence, moves the dialectic wheel of history.

Some practices that were condoned in the past are now condemned and vice versa.

You cannot lose what was not yours.

Clinging to what we have robs us off the ability to receive what we need.

Yoga is very open; you can take a philosophy or practice and include it in your Yoga. You can add anything to Yoga.

Beauty is rare, one should always do justice to beauty.

Most often, the most deliberate words and actions are delivered and construed in the most subtle manner.

The transformation was like that of a night from the day but there was no moment of change or a defining line between the two states.

He didn’t fret his fate and strutted straight.

Every author is a ventriloquist.

An indolent life soon becomes a rapacious venture.

Social hegemony is usually based on financial clout.

Most conflict arise when our interpretation does not align with other people’s intention.

All of us we interpret the same things differently.

Try to look beyond the seemingly offensive words or action of other people and try to understand their intentions, hoping that they would do the same.

Being an ambassador is like embodying another soul. It entails doing justice to two souls in the same expression.

Different people have different paths or perspectives leading towards the same intention.

Intentions don’t play well due to poor communication.

Cultural misappropriation is neither to be downplayed or overplayed. It is about respecting the origins without labelling them with our understanding of it.

Breathing is the link between our consciousness and autonomic nervous system.

The world is a web of limiting patterns.

What if you had a limited number of breaths? Would you want to waste them hyperventilating in anxiety or take it easy and living more in each breath? 

As I looked up to the sky, an eagle soared. I stood there looking at it and it soared higher and higher. Lifting my gaze up with him and I saw a mountain peak. Not only did I see it, but I also heard it calling me to it.

As I lay in the grass and stones, I rested my bare arms on my side. The dirt scrubbed against my skin and the dried grass poked me and some insects started walking over me. I resisted a little and then, I let myself go and became one with nature. I rested.

How the destiny gets tied in marriage, just like Alcor and Mizar.

Love rather than a collision and the consequent unity of two bodies that become indistinguishable should be seen as binary star system – Alcor and Mizar for example, where due to the many reasons they revolve around each other despite both being part of the larger galaxy and the world.

Avoid giving yourself a restricted identity and refrain from binary thinking.

Make peace with what is unknown and humbly accept the ambiguity of life.

The love for the impermanent, the imperfect, the rustic and melancholic  

The love for symmetry, permanence, excess and perfection is abhorrent.

When you talk to a king, talk to him with sincerity even if severed from manners rather than like a servant.

Minimise your energy consumption.

Your belief dictates your truth, and your values decide what is right for you.

Linear thinking is both reproducible and reprehensible because it builds itself in a narrow lane. A single experiential or belief bottleneck can influence the outcome. While, seeing the bigger picture, fuzzy logic, gut feelings and instincts while not reproducible and involving risks are respected, for it is what transcends the chasm of the old and the new.

Every person has their genetics, environmental influences (experiences, upbringing, friends etc.) and individual biochemistry. On top of and building off of that they have their own version of the world that they create by conscious and unconscious deletion, distortion and generalisation.

Do we inhabit this world or our perception and interpretation of it?

All you need know to understand, communicate with and influence anyone are Hofstede insights, Inductive or deductive speech patterns, Language and behaviour profile, compassion and patience.

The art of communication involves identifying, if the person you are talking to is proactive or reactive and then aligning your careful use of words to match his/her beliefs.

Love is a force that transcends both the form and function of the thing you love. If you can define and circumscribe love, it isn’t love, not in its glorified form, to say the least.

I remember when I was loved, I was much more fearless.

Feminism is basically humanism taken too far.

Credulity in the veracity of others is the bedrock of all human relationship.

You should never consider your perceptions analogous to testimony.

Your sensory/conscious perception is paramount according to Patanjali Sutra 2 and Descartes but is challenged by the Epistemological theory of brain-in-a-vat.

The tendency to allow others to shape our belief is common in a conservative society which places high value in intellectual solidarity as opposed to the progressive society which values new opinions and intellectual autonomy. The latter societies have evidently progressed farther than the former.

The baseline of life is loneliness and sadness, if you accept it life becomes easy.

True humility is the expression of kindness from the position of power.

The bigger the star the smaller is its ultimate fate, ironic?

Einstein didn’t cry wistfully when Schwarzschild died in the war, he went on with what he had and made the most of it. 

Greek democracy then Roman Republic then Roman Empire then monarchs and dictators and then we are back again to democracy.

Classical physics is deterministic while quantum theory is probabilistic.

and there I saw people who have no curtains on their windows but walls in their heart.

An agreeable person cannot be a philosopher, he could be a good critic at best.

Every sin is born out of ingratitude and is nurtured by arrogance.

The discovery of Telescope by Galileo marked the transition from scientific anti-realism to scientific realism.

Forgive yourself for the mistakes you caused that caused you pain and move on.

Perhaps the most moving food for thought and deep philosophy is handed over to us by quantum physics which tells us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer. Hence, there is no one reality but scattered and personal pieces of reality generated by each observer for the same thing.

Your energy leaks in the direction of your attention.

The present moment is eternal.

Most of the time, people don’t know what they are doing. Those who do, don’t know why they are doing it.

Sometimes you have to accept your hatred for someone and stop trying to forgive them. Forgiveness is for those who have lost their way not for those who chose to do what they did.

I don’t put much value in money, but I do believe it is a reflection of one’s hard work and dedicated time and the place where people put it shows a lot about their priorities.

How do you hope to find a meaningful relationship in today’s world, when most people are working on ‘energy’ – avoiding negativity and bad vibes. How can you bring your vulnerabilities to them? How can you open up? How can you share? How can you be yourself?

I have been cheated upon and believe me there are worse ways of being treated in a relationship.

Sometimes, you don’t need a solution to the problem you just need a distraction from it.

Often, the choice is not between right and wrong. It is often between right and easy.

Does language inform culture or culture inform language?

Thought comes before language.

You can look at a language and have an understanding of the values that the culture places on the things it chooses to provide words for.

There is a magnetism in the misfortune of others that draws us to know more about it or maybe it is a remedy we seek subconsciously for our own misfortunes.

Everything there is? That you need to know, you can know, just by observing your mind.

Not only is the threshold for feeling pain different for different people, but the threshold of bitching about pain also.

Some people get the badge of ‘good’ because they don’t have the guts to actually say what they mean, whether it is a disapproval or gratitude for someone. They are always trying to fit in.

Most people do not know anything beyond their perspective, not knowledge, not even anyone else’s perspective.

A person’s morality is tested only when they have power over people. One can never know if weak people are moral.

Most of the things we do, is of no consequence, so take it easy.

Their reflections stared back at them when the TV was switched off.

People who are cordial, convivial and gentle with other people are usually trying to either hide their flaws or motives.

A dull tin roof shines like a star from across the valley.

If only I didn’t love Chocolates and cigarettes, I’d be a much healthier man.

A perfect example of how capitalism has ruined health is the replacement of the yellow bulbs with white LEDs. In order to save money, we strain our eyes.

My love for you will have nothing to do with you.

Sometimes you’re so in the middle of things that you don’t know how far it stretches.

The presence of an ability to do something does not mean that you will do it. There are some things that make you fall asleep while there are some things that take away your sleep.

One might keep up manners, sophistication, and elitist pride, they are but a facade, a glimmering curtain. Whereas some are not afraid to show themselves whatever it may be, horrid as they are, if they have earned their way up to it.

After all I’ve seen, more than love, I just want someone to treat me fairly.

Maturity is able to not focus on the unimportant in life.

Not many things are fungible in today’s consumerist world. But ironically money is the most fungible thing.

It is sinful to revel in a reverie unless it is earned.

When you are not enjoying your drink, you keep on drinking.

You will always have the talent and skill to accomplish the thing that you dream of but opportunities… opportunities will come only once in a while. Spend your time calmly until then, preying and with a ready stance.

There is something that happens when you know too much about a person, you either love them or loath them.

How easy it is to forget the good things someone has done for you and how easy it is to remember the apparent bad things.

People look at acts of kindness with doubt and in search of hidden intentions. The same people take acts of meanness for face value. It should be the other way round. 

People are ungrateful, so long as it does not hurt them. Thence, gratefulness is borne out of the need for more.

Only people who are satisfied with their life can show the virtue of gratitude.

Good intention and even good actions fall short of the facade of appeasement.

Everyone thinks that they have got a hold of their lives. I am not going to be the one to dissuade them from this illusory notion no matter how much I love them.

A mutual need and the possibility of gaining something from each other is the bedrock of friendship. When we see that two friends have drifted apart with time, it is merely because either one or both of them realised that they had nothing more to gain from each other and hence started investing less and less time and effort into their friendship, with the obvious notion that should a need arise, it will be considered for the old time’s sake.

The things that we hope to gain from a friendship usually changes over time. In the beginning it is the social support and security with each added friend to our network that we enjoy, partnership in trips, borrowing money and physical safety at times. With time, these needs become suppressed largely in part because we become capable and less reliant on others. But it is here when the fork arises and we lose a lot of friends as we get busy with our lives and more self-reliant. Our needs are more emotional now, we need someone to understand us and lend an ear to our bragging, beseeching and blues.

Don’t try to win every Banter.

Have compassion and be giving.

My car was impounded by the airport security, I danced about while I was getting it back. Yes, I have been love-high.

The mighty fort lay engulfed in a green carpet made of mightier trees.

The trees from up above look like broccolis.

Love is but a fleeting moment, a butterfly on a flower. Some do however try to freeze the moment by a relationship or worse, marriage.

Childhood is a wonderful time in its most literal sense.

There is something magnetic about failure that invites everyone to talk about it from all walks of life, directly or indirectly.

Before doing anything, ask yourself – ‘Do I want to do this?’ if the answer is ‘no’, ask yourself ‘Do I have to do this?’ if the answer is yes. You are not free.

These days the misery of conversation is that we hold back more than we speak.

You keep these differences close to your heart as if they were the most precious things. Where will you take them? What will you make of them? What will they give you?

I’ve outgrown everybody I loved and they’ve out-loved me.

It’s all about interest that drives all human being.

Moments are fleeting but if you fill each moment with meaning and fun it will seem almost like an eternity.

What we’re most afraid of are connections and conversations.

If you don’t pay attention, you will be ripped off.

Sometimes all you need! All you need is someone to say, it’s going to be all right, take it easy.

When we are young we dream about the future, what it could be. When we’re old we would perhaps dream about the past and think what it could have been.

It was a kind of smile you could miss if you blinked.

I’m not interested in your life story. I’m interested in your story that you want to share with me.

My life is like a celebration, a party that never stops. You can choose to stay and we can host them together or you can stay and enjoy as much and as long as you like. No worries!

In the here and now, the only thing in my life is your life.

A Haiku by Mitsuo Aida

There is a reason perfumes are associated with memory. It brings them back and even evokes repressed memories. But, just as even the most flavourful perfume fades and we don’t smell it anymore, memories fade and we become unaware of their existence after a time. Unless of course, they are evoked.

“All right, we have to do something about you. You gotta stop wandering in my mind. It’s not good for me or you. Maybe one day we’ll meet and have a great time or perhaps not. It’ll be worth it though. But until then, let’s be unreal.”

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts18

9 Feb

Does my assertiveness scare you? Yes, I agree, I can get ruthless sometimes but please know that I never lose respect in the relationship we have or for you as a person.

The only purpose of my argumentative statements was to evoke more insight and understanding in something I don’t quite understand well.

Having belief is one thing and defending them is another.

I’m not challenging your beliefs, in fact I respect them but since you are hurt by some of my inquisitive arguments perhaps you shouldn’t put them out for public scrutiny or if you are such an ardent believer, it is my sincere request to you to be better prepared.

The best way to know someone is when you have an argument with them.

I think humility is the underscore of a gentleman’s code.

I don’t need to give a proof of my amends to anyone.

There have been times we all have been foolish and done stupid things.

It’s a grave mistake to put out your beliefs as scientific truths.

Nothing should be forced: work, pleasure, company not even peace.

He sat down in Sukhasana and the world was in a stereo. In his left ear he could hear the chirping of the birds and in his right, he could hear the road construction company eating away the mountains.

The feeling of love was definitely a motivation for my Novel, but soon realised my life is not all about love.

Charting yourself or someone else on a left to right political spectrum is an over generalisation of an individual’s thought; it is both more than necessary and more than it is possible to do.

Some of the poems I’ve written were during a morning coffee, some came up during meditation, some sprung right after a conversation while some were written during my struggle to find sleep in the night.

“This is the night which will flash before my eyes just before I die”

“What if you have better ones?”

“But they won’t be with you”

“Should I be happy or sad?”

When you were uninhibited in the expression of your love and said and did all you felt for someone, is when you’ve spent your love fully. It doesn’t mean that you had no more to give.

I’m incapable of hardening my heart to the extent that I could hate someone, I once loved.

I called you, over everyone else because I already knew what they would say.

Not all people eat unhealthy food due to aversion to healthy food but sometimes due to its mere absence.

We need nothing more than a company which feels nothing more than ourselves alone.

A relationship never dies until the people in it change. They continue on forever, even when we die.

There is nothing more complicated than a relationship because there are no rules or laws that govern it.

Let’s see what happens in the next chapter of our life.

The news of your tears made me happy. It brought me to have respect for you and your relationships.

Some relationships don’t last because we cannot stop time and the place we are going along with time. If we could, I am sure we will forever be together. We parted simply because the world was unable to hold us together.

For humans everything is a currency, we can trade pretty much everything. For us money is not the only currency so we can have losses and gains charted in every currency, emotions included.

I really want to meet a person whom I cannot understand.

I might not accept a person but still be able to understand his disposition.

I’ve never met a person who had only virtues or only vices. For most it depends on what they want to show and to whom and we want to see.

One of the major barriers of happiness is pride.

Living on the fringes of existence is dangerous and is fraught with perplexity. But when living in the core seem like too easy and you fear oblivion, it becomes a hard choice to make.

Things that have happened in the past continue to hurt and at times become unbearably so. The past haunts you because it was not dealt with appropriately at the time and was shut off like a can of garbage not removed just done away from the eyes.

Don’t just coat a broken heart not even with the water of gold, replace the broken element or remove it, keep it aside to be looked at just the way it was not what you made of it.

Conversations are contextual. Everyone can understand denotations but not everyone can understand your connotations.

You hit the number eight.

A person only breaks and falls when they trust that another person is there to hold them.

He felt a pressure like the sluice gates of a dam holds, of the reservoir behind him.

I need to keep my creative mind and productive mind compartmentalised for now, I have been noticing that one is impeding the other in its full expression. Until a point when I can put my creative mind to productive use.

That sweet feeling, of being with someone, making plans for the future and feeling safe.

When you can say instead of dreading, “I hope that this conversation never ends” It will never end.

A cookie that is not sweet is not a cookie.

I love to argue. I cannot stop myself when people start comparing apples to oranges and advocate and pursue differential standards.

Stop asking yourself so many questions, quit trying to remember everything you consume visually or aurally, don’t take it too hard. Take it easy.

Instead of asking yourself these existential questions, delve into work, hard work and wake up one day hoping that it will be a bright sunny day.

All of the life is like a dark night, with some good and bad dreams in it. A constant fear and dread of the uncertainties.

Getting old is like the morning, there is sunlight, everything is clearer.

People who have a lot of ‘rules in life’ are suffer inside as they often witness the rules break.

When there is noise in your minds, you cannot hear the bird chirping on the tree outside your window, whose leaves change colour three times a year and rustle every time a breeze blows by.

Why argue? If it is not going to inspire someone or change the world for good. In this case refrain from anything more than the exchange of information.

I have come up with some generalisations, which help me navigate the world and conduct myself in it. But deep down I’m haunted by crises and meltdowns.

Enlightenment is when you don’t need any philosophical cane and love should get you by until then.

Night is the time when you become weak and your weaknesses strong. Your guards are down and the floodgates of memories open. Sleep is the only escape.

Most expressions are acts of water testing.

When you are doing something in which you need not put an effort to make an effort is your Ikigai.

Let us first make some ground rules there is a spectrum – Fiction, Myth and Fact

When you have more to do than you have time for, your life is interesting.

Not everything about Bollywood and Hollywood is bad but they are breeding grounds of sexism.

All moral and ethical values are against nature.

The world is a complex adaptive system. There are thousands of invisible ripples colliding with each other at all times.

If you are stuck and confused about what is it that you want to do. You are a step ahead of people who don’t know what they are doing, at least you are not having detour.

We don’t like certain people because they don’t fit the patterns in our mind. No person is categorically bad.

The place where you can fall asleep instantly even if you are not exhausted. Call it home.

It is not altruism at the altar of love but a lack of integrity and pride in one-self that enables you to live with a disparaging partner.

People doubt me every time I give them the time, attention or love more than what they think they deserve or is deemed socially appropriate. The irony is I have felt the same. But I do not forget to remind myself to accept the love and attention with open arms. We are humans not weighing scales.

I’m having a Kaukokaipuu for Paris and Saudade for you.

The distance you travel or the speed with which you travel depends on you and your hard work whereas the direction you take or the destination you aim for is already decided.

An idea is formless, yet formidable.

I used to sell roses, now I sell the fragrance.

Did you ever realise that you are never alone in the house? There are ants, flies, spiders and all kinds of living beings cohabiting the same space with you.

There was friendship left but nothing left in friendship.

They are stupid for us and we are stupid for them.

But you don’t surprise me. You just continue to be yourself. I hope you remain yourself.

The ability to choose does not confer the power of choice, it needs you to have options.

Sometimes, kindness can be stronger than love.

When we think of poverty, money or the lack of it comes to mind. Absolute deprivation goes a step beyond and seeks to portray multi-dimensional poverty – lacking in shelter, healthcare, education, security, infrastructure and a lack of general well-being. It is in line with the capability approach of Amartya Sen.

The conflicts that we have with ourselves and others will not resolve on their own, not if we left them to time. Take them one by one and one at a time, do not allow them to form a legion and attack you for they will overwhelm you.

Time is running out, always. Sometimes, we take time to realise it, other times we don’t.

The knowledge that ‘no matter how hard you try there is always something that you will miss out on in life’ is not a curse. The fact that ‘despite this knowledge ‘you try to hold on to everything’ is.

With everything you hold, you need to let go of somethings that you could have held.

When you go out and meet people, you know them and overtime many of them. But, when you do not go out and stay with yourself, you meet the many people within you.

Some things are just the opposite of fragile, they gain strength in chaos.

When everyone has the responsibility, no one assumes it.

Life only lives in the present.

There is a jewel inside every one of you that cannot be scratched.

A person can live beyond the demise of his body in two forms — the institutions, monuments and art that he created or the ideas he crystallised. The former is prone to deterioration by the forces of time, it does not remain exactly how he conceived or produced it. Ideas however are untouchable. They are like ether; you know that you can perceive them differently, but you cannot change them.

I lived my life trying to do what pleased me. When I die nothing would be of consequence. With that knowledge I hope to go with a cheerful calm.

If you have to be pessimistic, then choose philosophical pessimism over personal pessimism. The former can sublime the negativity to push the understanding further by challenging the existing world views.

My Weltanschauung is that everything is relative, yet absolute.

Words by essence have a meaning and by function they grant meaning.

Is everything passing through time or time passes?

Imagine a sapling growing as the time lapse is played forward in time. Now, imagine a plane through which different saplings in different stages are passing by. Call that plane ‘a window of’ reality or maybe time. Time is reality.

We are all scanning life in the present.

We are both actors and directors in the movie called life.

You can go dip your feet in the river, enjoy it as much as you can for tomorrow there wouldn’t be the same river nor the same you.

Is change subservient to time or time subservient to change?

We usually say that things change with time, could it be not that we invented time to mark the changes as they happen?

There is a reason why the rear-view mirror is small and off to the sides. It’s there so that you don’t bang in with the things coming from the front.

It is categorical imperative on you that you protect your creations like a mother protects its babies not only by fighting a predator but by building a nest weaving piece by piece.

We are all but hanging in the, hanging nest much like that of the Montezuma oropendola/Village weaver.

Your avocation is like a paramour, that fascinates you much more than your vocation that you are married into.

If you want to digress for a little while to give your readers/listeners a moment to stretch their arms before captivating them again, do it like a delicious divertissement like in a ballet performance and not a strapped formulaic add-on.

Isn’t the expectation for a man to be bold, brave, gallant, courteous and chivalrous the perpetration of gender roles much like the other much publicised ones?

Sometimes gender roles are unavoidable or phenotypically determined. In my humble opinion they are acceptable lest they lead to subversion of the individual identity.

Gender roles are both socially constructed and are performative, we are born in as a particular sex not a particular gender. Sorry Mr Freud, I don’t believe your – ‘Anatomy is destiny’, although I do believe in your genetic determinism.

The genetic and social genes start transcription and very soon translation after a baby is born to thrust him or her into gender.

If it is fiction, I’d like a soft world. If it is non-fiction, I’ like a hard world.

Democracy is blinding – the sugar candy seller always has and always will have a head-start over the doctor.

It pains me to see that you hold my love in escrow.

You can either choose to continue to dance to the rhythm of your own beat or hop on to the bandwagon.

The immensity of calm brought on by arriving at yourself is incomprehensible for those still travelling.

Living alone, for long enough robs you of your capacity to love.

Imagine this, you are bleeding for whatever reason through a cut big or small. Who is with you at that moment? The answer to this question can tell you a lot.

Force of habit starts to feel unforced if forced for long.

We feel attacked more often when we are anticipating an attack as a way to return the offensive or begin it.

Let me ask you a fundamental question. What is your identity?

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts17

9 Feb

On a scale of life, young people do forward integration, see the path ahead and believe that they can achieve everything by their efforts. Old people indulge themselves in backward integration and wonder how they were able to do something, that seemed impossible at on time. Faith is just the manifestation of the direction of integration you choose to do in your life.

When someone throws you a flying monkey to freshen your wounds, shoot it in the head while it is in air.

A pinch of reality can damage even the most elaborate fantasies.

It takes so little to make a moment, momentous, innocence tells us.

We’re all just passing by everyone and everything we come across.

He likes giving gifts but not on Christmas.

Morals and ethics are there to protect the society from formidable individuals.

The only problem I have with society is the restraint, it makes us into submissive beings, makes us do things half-heartedly, things we didn’t want to do at all, and worst is that we get habituated to it and crush our dreams with similar half-hearted attempts.

Have you ever seen a lion going in for the kill, half-heartedly?

Love has many definitions; I can allow my mind to leap and grasp if you try to explain to me what is it that you imagine love is? But I only ask for one thing, for it to be the kind which needs no proving.

There is a subtle difference between expressions of love and gestures of love.

There is a very thin line that divides wanting nothing and everything.

There is a huge difference between wants and need.

I hope your spirit remains untameable.

I doubt the sanity of the people who on one hand prophesies about the freedom of the spirit and on the other hand love their pets.

To accept one another despite our differences, is it too difficult?

Your passion is something that you can do even when you are hungry and your eyes are burning with lack of sleep, when your head hurts, when you are hurt and if you can do something with all of them and without noticing the time flying by, that, is your real passion.

Someone with whom you are comfortable envisioning a shared future is a keeper. She is your future wife.

One should be able to categorise their passions and amongst them identify those that you are good at and the pursuance of which benefits other people. For they might fetch you a livelihood and at least the much-needed satisfaction and enable you to pursue your other passions.

Ask yourself this question early and often, what is more important to you? Satisfaction or happiness? and with time you will realise that although there is no material prerequisite for happiness, satisfaction sure is.

The devil is in the detail and the proof is in the pudding.

Ideas do not have a tangible shape.

A Potter strikes his most beloved creation on the outside to give it his desired shape while supporting it on the inside.

You cannot give shape to something rigid and things that are not, will need your support unseen by the outside world while they watch you striking them.

Everybody wants to pull you down in their pig stye and smear your eyes with the mud they are muddled with already.

It is impossible to speak anything without being rooted somewhere in a political ideology spectrum or any for that matter. Who invented these spectrums? I ask myself. Are they frameworks to dogmas? I ask you. We as humans have a natural tendency to resist and disregard anything that do not match with our own notions or ideas of normality, we are fixated on them more than we can imagine.

You cannot really have a conversation with an obstinate person, you can only have arguments.

I have a natural tendency for disinclination towards futile ventures. You will often find me indisposed.

I do not want to be tested every day for everything from intellect to hygiene.

It takes power to restrain yourself, giving in is easy.

Not everyone can submit. It befalls on the weak and is chosen by the strong. Nevertheless, it is beautiful.

The only person I can truly hate is a hypocrite of the mind and an impostor of guise. The only person I can truly respect is who is neither.

Sometimes you can just be hurt, just hurt without taking any offence.

Longing for someone and missing someone are two different things. 

When it is impossible to doubt someone’s intentions, it is rather difficult to have a conflict.

But, when it is impossible to doubt someone’s actions, much like your own. It is pure bliss.

Memories should be read only; they should be read just as they were written. Not with a filter of expectations or you might run a chance of ruining them.

You can only negotiate, when you are in a position to take no for an answer.

People suffer differently.

Never trade the power of your choice for anything.

The more you love someone the less it feels like an effort or a sacrifice, doing something for them.

People are people and people make mistakes.

Don’t ignore a potential spark for someone or something.

I like people who are like trees, having many branches.

A thief can be let out for theft but make sure to hold him for embezzlement.

One of the most underrated forte of a character is the ability and swiftness to recover back to a state of normalcy from a state of chaos. Some people linger there in hopes of alms, of the mercy afforded to a victim in subjugation to their circumstance but a hero is the one who emerges out of the darkness surely and swiftly.

The true measure of a person are the people that surround him.

Night is the time when you become weak and your weaknesses strong. Your guards are down and the floodgates of memories open. Sleep is the only escape.

Before judging or disregarding someone, know that people choose to show what they want to show and to whom they want to show. So, what you witness is a part of them not their whole.

You should consider yourself lucky to see the vulnerable side of someone.

There is a limit to what words can help you share. Some emotions and experiences are for feeling only.

You can share quite clearly, how was it like climbing up the mountain with some information on how to do it best. But the feeling you have on the summit, beyond the senses is inexplicable and where words usually fail.

You don’t see the light; you see an object when light reflects from its surface.

Eyes are very deceptive, they see what you want to see, what is necessary for your survival and for the fulfilment of carnal pleasure. To be able to see things the way they actually are is like seeing things in a white light, you don’t see the light but its reflection from the surface of what you are seeing.

Such a degree of discernment might lead you to lose interest in everything there is, and lead you to what Sartre called ‘Bizarre’.

Invest yourself in emotions but don’t act on them.

When you are walking in a lit room or let’s say in bright sunlight, you can easily move from one point to another without much thinking or intelligence. But, when you are taking the same course in dark, you must engage all your mental faculties from senses, to mind, experience and ultimately intelligence. It is the pain of not knowing that really engages intelligence.

Make note of the things and people you made exceptions for in your life. Those are the important things!

Time is slippery.

In life either everything is a miracle, or everything is cause to effect. An adoption of either of these distinct schools of thoughts is acceptable and sustainable. A dissonance created by cherry picking an explanation on the basis of circumstance creates an unresolvable conflict.

Wakefulness is different from consciousness. A conscious state is not obligated to memory. There is an intelligence beyond intellect, one that does not rely in the information available to us in the form of memory. How often do we perceive something without relating it with a memory? Rarely, I suppose, but when we do, that becomes a conscious experience.

Memory is the basis of boundaries. Our intelligence is bound by it.

Having a limited identity is the basis of all differences, conflicts and violence.

When one attaches himself to a belief system, conflicts become inevitable. Having no predefined beliefs is the only way to harmony, with oneself, with nature, with one another.

There are three kinds of truth-Personal truth, Political truth, Objective truth.

If you can imagine your mind as a point of reference, you can travel outlandish distances away from it physically. You can also travel the same and maybe more inward. The outward travel is guided by science and is ruled by the laws of physics whereas the inward travel is guided by conscience and ruled by spirituality.

If life is so short and when conflicts become long. Conflicts should be ended before life.

I know that all matters of heart are silly and not necessary, still they are important if you only listen to your inner voice.

Boundaries determine a thing as physical. If you can measure the extant of anything delimited by its boundaries, it’s physical.

Just as you reach the boundary of the confine you are in, no matter how big. You will either want to escape or expand it. That is human nature.

The issue is not of finding joy, we all have, at least once in our lives. The issue is keeping it, of finding it in ways that are sustainable, of fully immersing ourselves in it while we have it.

If you ever loved me for myself, I would still be the same for you. For I did not change.

Once you have seen people that loved you with all they have got turning in to someone who cannot even stand talking to you. It really messes up your belief system.

Submitting, just to perpetuate or keep the flow of an intellectual conversation is submitting, nonetheless.

Allow your body to be one with your mind.

Don’t confuse enlightenment with Dunning Kruger effect. First, you need to know everything to be able to then decide to accept or disregard part of it. Don’t make tolerance and enlightenment a shortcut to evade knowledge.

When your mind is at peace, your body will be balanced.

We live in a world of frameworks, we need them to shoulder our opinion and thoughts to make them conceivable, but that is often the first step towards dogmatism.

Rainbows and unicorns!

It is the difference between what people think, what people say and what they actually believe is what makes people interesting.

Quite ironically, control gives the illusion of freedom.

If one could see the strings of a puppet show, the puppets are reduced to caricatures, subordinates of a master and lose their autonomy and relatability.

Youth is a powerful river.

The reason why we do not feel good or ourselves around some people is not because they are a bad person. It is simply because we are not like them. It is the lack of conviviality rather than the lack of connection.

There are some relationships that are born out of necessity, then there are some that are borne out of emotion, then there are some that are borne simply out of the mind.

Sometimes, even the most trivial inclination can lead you to something monumental.

An air of nourishment is flowing all around us, seamless like the wind except sometimes our windows are closed.

There is no judgement among the people who love each other.

Let nothing external to your mind be in your way.

Scores of words will fall off like arrows against the shield and one dagger can take a life.

It depends on the person in front of you to understand as much as your desire to make them understand.

Be brief and gentle, if you want to be remembered.

Life is all about balancing, ‘But what exactly?’, he demanded, ‘Your outward expansion and inward journey’. Too much of one will corrupt you or deem you unimportant to the society.

I only want to lead you until the garden, then I would prefer to sit on the bench and observe you.

You have to respect your profession whatever it is as it is what that is enabling you to pursue your creative goals until they are strong, honed and recognised enough to carry you onwards.

An ideology or a belief system is a means not an end in achieving whatever it is you want to achieve.

There are some friendships for which you don’t need a lot of memories or time spent together, they are just there. Hanging like stars in the sky.

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts16

9 Feb

Difference between art and nature

Art is artifice. It is a device for you to look at something, either with your senses or with your mind, that you otherwise wouldn’t. Nature, however, is designed or rather exists to take in – as it is, with all your senses.

A wider, longer, slower turn can be as interesting as or even more than a quick, torqueful sharp turn. It all depends on the road.

You don’t wait for something great to happen and call it your ‘magnum opus’, you define your magnum opus when you are at an infantile stage of its development and work for it.

The beauty of life is boundless, your bounty is the part of it you are able to see.

My mistake was that I believed every word you said. Moreover, I was willing to believe everything else you were going to say. This has nothing to do with you.

I see life and all of us as boats or driftwood where we are in this fluidic state of constant flux governed sometimes by our own will if it is steady waters or by the winds and the storm or the turbulence, to be able to see the distinction is the foundation of stoicism

Being poetic is all about making the reader see with open eyes, something out of his sight or taking him to a thought territory that he would not have gone by himself.

Everyone has different values associated with works of art, be it a poem or a photograph which they think makes it great. For example, poems for me should have sonic emphasis, a tinge of musical rhyme and rhythm be composed of diverse words, have different figures of speech but a central theme and an inclination towards abstraction rather than imagery.

If indulging your senses is what you think you ought to do, start with the sense of touch, it is the least used of all human senses.

Human society – something that we are so proud of, is like a house of cards. We as individual beings are resilient and we might have conquered the greatest heights and the greatest depths but as a collective being, something we take so much pride in, we are so fragile, and we have fallen apart on so many occasions.

The benevolence and care for others falls in a hierarchical fashion. At peace and comfort, we think about volunteering in less developed nations or nations afflicted with disasters but when we are on a boat in the middle of the sea, starving and vying to live, we have eaten our brothers.

Human as an individual is the smartest being but human as a collective being is one of the most stupid species. We have invested billions of dollars as a country in purchasing arms and armaments but have not focussed on investing modicums of that on health and welfare. I do not intend to offend any country because this is a condemnation I intend to confer on ‘human as a species’. No country is foolish enough to want to spend on harriers instead of health, but they are not smart enough also to avert the situation that leads them to it.

Morals and ethics last only as long as personal interest of people are not conflicted.

I do not know what God is. But, if Mother Teressa was as they describe she was, she is as close to god as any figure can get.

I give you the words to insulate yourself from moronic attacks of judgement – ‘In my opinion’, ‘According to my best judgement’, ‘I believe’.

We are instinctively hunter-gatherers-foragers in a ‘every man for himself’ capacity. We have still not broken away from those ideologies, they are what we call instincts.

A person who answers to his/her instinct is labelled anti-social.

Neoliberalism is just euphemism for utilitarianism and how a capitalist state tries to be a welfare state.

When you limit the ambit of your welfare umbrella to the least possible delimiting boundary – a national border. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it rational greed.

Social institutions were built not to serve the interest of the disenfranchised but to protect the interests of the powerful.

The very fact that people are rational, makes them very dangerous if they are in a position of power.

Perhaps the most enjoyable things in life are those that are easy to overlook. For me it is the sound of the gushing wind outside my window.

Ask yourself this fundamental question about everything — is it absolute or is it relative? Is my pain and suffering absolute or is it relative to a state I imagined I should be in? Do I have the best life or is it just relative to my neighbours that I am well off?  At this conjecture, I would like to imbue another thought, another question — Is it Objective or is it subjective, the thing that I am experiencing? Can I alienate myself from me and have a ghost perspective at the things to really see if they are relative or absolute? If you can answer these two questions about a situation, I hope it will help you be at peace.

I advised my sister to read two books, in fact I gifted her those two. I wanted her to develop and inculcate an intellectual approach and an imaginative vision.

Don’t stress too much on advises, wise men won’t need it and fools won’t heed it.

Our senses are an extension of what we feel in our mind.

A novel’s power of persuasion should be such that the reader is transported into an alternate reality, one dictated by the author, that there is no alienation as proposed by Brecht. That, the reader’s presumptions are surmounted by river of the narrative. If one could see the strings of a puppet show, the puppets are reduced to caricatures, subordinates of a master and lose their autonomy and relatability.

It is so easy to realise, if your words are hollowing out or piercing. Not by the instantaneous feedback or responses of the person they are intended for but by your own pace of thought and perceived conviction.

Language is beautiful.

I have heard the most comforting words, words of love and adoration, of sincere care and longing from people. Often, but fortunately not always, I have had the worst of behaviour from the same persons.

I have had the best of words said to me and the worst of things done to me.

Writers experience a higher degree of sentience. I have felt that.

I will be a writer as long as I have stuff to write.

Your writing becomes more succinct and emphatic when you constrain it with beautiful rules. After all, art is artifice.

It is so important to do something absolutely mundane, absolutely menial in between bouts of creative tides, to reset the mind.

Brain is something we are always using, for all the hours as long as we are awake, but we use our mind only for a fraction of that time.

It is the greed of a few people in the past that has led to an inequitable present world. Now, it is the welfare approach of people most benefitted by that greed that is trying to curb inequalities. I argue, wouldn’t there be a conflict of Interest? Vested interests? What about the autonomy and dignity of the people, have they become slaves of a different kind to the apparent inclusive development agenda as were their forefathers to the blunt greed?

Even if you drove a thousand miles or sacrificed other opportunities to get to see a sunset; even then it wouldn’t slow down or last longer than it would. Nature my friend, there is pretty much everything you can learn from it.

When I sit to write, words flow, but soon I am gripped by an intense desire to take control and guide the narrative for the readers delight. A narrative is not a ship moored at the dock to be rocked by the waves sent in by the winds but a ship moving at the will and expertise of the captain at the helm searching for bewitching vistas.

The titanic is bound to hit the iceberg, Every time!

When you realise the futility of your actions and choose to go on, it’s melancholically beautiful.

Some people are shiny, glistening walls, impervious to rains or stains or anything in this world.

If there is no void, what will you fill? You will spill, overflow and fall to the floor, only to be wiped away.

To merit someone’s hatred connotes either lowly of the other person or highly of you.

When all is said and done. When verdict passed and amnesty granted. When grudges are resolved, and healing has begun. When accolades clapped for and shame silenced. The only thing that is important is to prevail.

It is the inevitability of the future that keeps us going, both, literally and figuratively.

That “hurt” is pretty much accountable for keeping those once felt feelings still-sparkling. 

Pushing the forefronts of progress in one direction does not mean development. 

This year will be a year of revelations.

All we have are predictions and all predictions are based on assumptions.

I wanted to give you the world, as much as one person can give to another. If it wasn’t enough for you, then it’s nobody’s fault.

It is the folly and the insecurity of a person that makes him human.

Your love is not a public good.

Fire is what started the society, wheel is what took the society far, agriculture is what weakened the society.

You should be able to discern even in the hardest times if all is lost or whether it is just dark because of which you are unable to see your blessings around you.

Verisimilitude is not interesting.

Control is what produces the illusion of freedom, even in language.

To indulge the taste of others you need to reveal no taste of your own.

I want to be the helm of a ship rather than a tiller of a boat.

Creative minds cannot flourish under autocratic leadership. They need, a certain degree of freedom of expression and autonomy.

Most of what we say is in silence. Learn to listen to it.

There is no universal truth.

Everyone has their own individual truths.

The value of human life degrades as times becomes more and more desperate.

The sensitivity of people decreases when the efforts become futile.

The focus of sensitivity of people shifts from the world to country to family and lastly to individuals-themselves as times become more and more desperate and resources become scarce. It would be natural to assume that people stop at different points of this downward degrading hierarchy as per their moral inertia.

Your intellect is like a bottle of wine, it ages and becomes mature in isolation, but you can only spread it’s fragrance and really taste it when you open it.

The best bottle opener in my opinion is debate.

If we never had differences of opinions, we would never grow. For we will never be able to learn from each other.

If people didn’t had differences of opinion, they would all talk about weather all the time.

There is a sixth sense, it is your intellect. It needs to be stimulated just like any other sense. It can be touched and abraded only by another intellect, for it to heal and grow as a result.

Her words went through me like a hot knife goes through butter.

How we can continue to function, work – like a team, towards a common goal despite our differences, disagreements and disputes is a measure of our civility.

Crickets were chirping in the dead silence of the ambience. I had just brewed a fresh pot of coffee and sat on my table to let it steam off as my thoughts were just about to take off. I heard a gentle wind howling at my window and my neighbours wishing each other goodnight. I whispered to myself, good morning.

I cannot emphasise enough the power of dreams not those that you have while you’re sleeping but those that you see with open eyes. For nothing compares in intensity and endurance – an imperishable and unfading dream.

As the world churns to a grinding halt, every now and then. It will be those, who can see beyond the noise and have a foresight beyond walls, ones who will stand resiliently and hopefully help others stand up as well will stand.

It is not easy to get a seat at the grown-ups table, you need to be slippery so to speak. You need to both burn the midnight oil and grease the wheels as you go along.

It is much easier to inflict pain than it is to make someone happy, it takes effort. Extreme examples can ironically sometimes be more impactful, I will not refrain from using one – tell me what is more difficult – dismissing someone off, disparaging them by making derisive, derogatory deductions or throwing them in convulsions of mirth, you choose!

The best way to help someone is not by accosting them that they are being helped, do it sneakily, subtly and silently.

Intellect, facts and the deeper meaning of a literary peace will invigorate a fraction of your readers, that is why, milk tongue, is perhaps the best quality of literature in my opinion for it will resonate with everyone. It is the sheer pleasure of reading. It is like the chocolate ball which melts away with a gratifying feeling revealing the contents inside.

A tranche of money saved, and modicum of respect given goes a long way.

Most of the maxims of the present world are Tinkerbell effects, subtle attempts of gaslighting. We believe in many things because many people around us believe in them, we either do not have the time or the inclination or both to pause and question – whether our belief’s are our own or are they a mirror reflection of social conformity.

Money has no intrinsic value, think about it, Literally and figuratively.

The world has moved from no money/barter system to commodity money – the coins holding value equivalent to the value of the metals (gold, copper, silver) they are made of. Then came the representative money – the money (paper) a country had was representative of the amount of gold kept in its bank. Finally, came the fiat money – the value of money exists because everyone believes or has faith in the government – The Tinkerbell effect.

If money grew on trees, it’ll only be as valuable as leaves.

A successful advertisement is one which can create a desire or a want out of thin air and then make it seem like it is your need.

The inescapable element of economics is human misery.

The El Nino effect has a lot in common with the debt cycle.

A little of something is better than all of nothing.

You will be successful when you start fearing mediocrity more than failure.

The ill effects of capitalism like consumerism and shallow conscious makes us suffer, keeps us from a healthy psyche. What can be a better paradigm of malevolence that the mitigatory measures like retail therapy, buying comfort goods send us in a downward spiral back in to consumerism.

We do not go on sea, voyages to find the world but we have this, the lectern from where we can take students on voyages of self exploration and development.

Socialism is the modern version of feudalism.

Each according to their means and each according to their needs.

There is no number to quantify the infinity, at least as well ‘imagination’ can. 

The best wish I can bestow upon you is that may you never need a god, may you never be so desperate, may your capability suffice in those times, if they do come.

Why use aggression and mystery when you can subdue people with a few kind words and your smile. It takes much less effort.

Life is much like Tetris, we keep fitting, one thing for the other.

The grain of sands constantly irritates the shell, but in the long run it leads to something beautiful, a pearl.

‘Freedom of the conscience’ is an oxymoron!

Everybody is an atheist, some amongst us however, go one step further.

Evolution has tended to favour people making false positive assumptions, because it kept them safe and enabled them to propagate their gene pool.

Flood myths, resurrection myths, virgin birth myths, redemption after being oppressed myths. This is what oppressed people do, they invent myths that comfort them.

Is there any evidence on clairvoyance, telepathy or telekinesis? but there sure are scientific explanations for hallucinations, delusions and death.

A revelling moment is more revealing than a reviling one.

When the delay between the shutter release and viewing the final picture was significant and long, every press of the shutter involved making serious decisions right from composition to light to the importance of the picture to begin with.

This world explained in 7 alphabets WYSIWYG.

Some people are loss leaders in every sense of the word.

In today’s world of easy access to information, you’re only really limited by your own imagination.

Often, the things that bring us real joy are not the easy to do. Pleasure and peace have a very separated temporal relationship.

The measure of our efforts towards others depends on our respect for them.

Racism and communal hatred like many other prejudices are systemic in our society. No, society can claim to have eradicated them hitherto. They have been repressed to a level where they are not accepted as norms or expressed in our daily life but in times of crisis, they become more pronounced.

An individual’s survival instincts are the basis of most of his actions.

Your character is a simply a balance of your Id, Ego and Superego.

Being happy in life is the simplest of all pursuits.

There are some things that need to be stated in brevity or else not only do they lose their impact but their meaning as well.

Love and rationality are as opposite as two things can be. Rather than trying to rationalise them in to one more coherent scheme, appreciate their differences.

Events can either be great and perhaps even mythical or narrow and mundane but still they don’t define us, they only describe us.

People are onions, with layers. When you know someone a little more it may just be another layer not the truth necessarily.

People are complex beings they say something but mean something else.

It is the difference between what people think, what people say and what they actually believe is what makes life interesting.

Restraint of emotion can make a moment seem more interesting rather than the explosion of emotions.

Listening to your inner voice is like fiddling with an old radio, you will often hear a lot of static interspersed with fine music.

Romance is really a game of deceit in the beginning, middle and sometimes sadly towards the end.

The rumbling of the clouds invited him.

What is life? A series of events, some connected to each other, some not. You don’t have to make something out of everything. Somethings ought to be left as you found them, some as what you made of them.

Find yourself in the middle of nature and find yourself.

Some of the greatest works of fiction are thinly veiled autobiographies.

In my own subjective geography, my home is the centre of the world.

We are like asteroids with our glorious gleaming tail, undeterred in our path and non-submitting. Until we come close enough to a planet with enough gravity which makes us fall without choice, we fall and lose our original path, fierceness and shape, the planet is also scarred but heals eventually. This, however, gives life, not the asteroid or the planet alone.

Let us forgive!

The easiest way to get someone off your mind is to take some time and forgive them.

The process of forgiveness is the real catharsis.

As people grew in number, institutions to put them in order or some arrangement also grew, out of necessity, religion being one of them. Imagine how would an army be without order, but also ponder, why would you need the army in the first place.

Chaos can only grow as time goes by; we can try to contain it. The more we contain chaos by organisation, the more it grows. Racism, religious fanaticism, economy are just some obvious examples.

If there are 100 individuals the permutations and combinations are 100×100, put them in 10 groups, now you have only 10×10. Far less, sure, but, given the natural tendency of humans to coalesce will give rise to combination of combinations and you can do the math!

Trauma bonds are more indelible than you think. There is only one thing that can heal it, forgiveness.

You can only comprehend the surmounting power of forgiveness when you practice it.

Discursive, Fragmentary, Epigrammatic – My thoughts15

9 Feb

We keep doing a Psychological projection, we see in others what we repress in ourselves.

I have not forsaken you; I just forgave you.

When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade, but you got to deal with the seeds yourself.

Everybody goes on, regardless!

The only thing that you can hope for is that life will eventually turn out for the better.

I hope I don’t need any more saving.

Let not something make you someone you’re not.

You need to fill the cup you want to drink from.

I took a lot of pictures in that trip, somewhere deep down, I knew that I would need them.

The only difference is that I made the best of your worst and you made the worst of my best.

Everyone has their own devotion, to an idea, a place or a person. You might momentarily change or deflect that in someone, but you cannot bend nature’s will and love for the equilibrium. It will surpass you.

We’re both deserters, the judgement for both of us should be no different. There is no such thing as the degree of attempt, if you quit, you’d still be a quitter.

What would you rather choose? To build a life with someone or to find someone after you’ve built your life?

I was rebellious in my belief that love is ever-strong and forever.

When you’re thinking you’re somewhere else, every once in a while, remove yourself from all thoughts, that’s how you’ll be in the present.

The difference is different in different countries, but there is a difference.

Sometimes I sit and ponder will there be a day that someone will love me for me.

A day when I could let go of myself and not be afraid to fall.

The day where I think of things just like any other day, a day where I go about my work like today.

I have had such days and I continue to be grateful for it.

Strength is life, weakness is death.

In these transformative years, I have realised that love has become a euphemism for a mutually enriching relationship. To long for a more personal version is naïveté, accept it, for it is no less beautiful.

Learning is internal, you can say that you have learned something when you feel it viscerally that you know it, not merely by the regurgitation of facts or even conceptual triangulation.

The framework of economics which is built on the premise of scarce resources and advocates making a rational and explicit choice which is ideally both efficient and equitable, one that always has an opportunity cost and has a diminishing marginal utility, explains pretty much all of life.

All decisions are made at margins.

When we lose something, shortly after the emotional reaction of the loss there is a spontaneous evaluation of the value that we have lost. If that happens, you never loved that something.

Go ahead, protect yourself while I try to protect you.

Two consumer products, one I own and the other I would want to, the result of so-called capitalism have changed my life for the good – A MacBook and a Tesla Car.

You might run but still seem to move no further, it is not because you are not moving, but because you’re moving with your surroundings. Remember, motion is relative. You have to let go of your past to move forward.

Not many people realise the gravity of subconscious in their daily lives.

You can shape your conscious by knowledge, education and experiences.

Your ego by the culture, values and norms of your society.

But your unconscious is barely touchable, it is what is you, truly. You can only feel it as your shadow.

Do not try to tame your subconscious either stop it, or let it flow. It will never do you harm.

There is a beauty in struggle.

I loved you far too much to judge you.

It’s a strange process of alienation with someone you once wanted to spend your life with. Life is pretty amazing, you usually bear with people you hate for years, sometimes all your life – some neighbours, some colleagues, some relatives. Whereas people you love, hardly stay with you – Sisters and brothers, parents, your partner. 

People usually find strength in whatever it is they are left and dealt with, that is the power of a human mind. It is infinite.

It is beautiful how your beliefs change as you go on in life. You let go of the dearest ones and accept some of the alien ones.

You only have the power of choice; the rest and I mean everything else is in the dynamics of this universe. Would you want to let go of the only thing you control?

Were you disappointed in love? or were you expecting too much? Are you sure you’re asking the right question?

Be funny but not a clown, be serious but not morbid.

In the end we’re all lonely people, coming in contact with people every once in a while.

Moments of epiphany are lying scattered every day, you only need to see with your mind.

I realised in my mid 30s that there are only two things to life, responsibilities and distractions. Nothing more, nothing less.

All I need is a constant supply of positive energy for 30 more years.

Normality is when people do things that suit their own interest, how can I expect to find an exception, is it even fair?

I spent my life, thinking and doing for people around me – family, friends, friends of friends, their friends, people I loved and later lost. It will take a while to a state where I think about my own.

People will constantly move to greener pastures and city lights. They will remember you sometimes, but it won’t be enough. It is never enough.

There is a huge difference between commanding love and earning love.

Cynicism is not to be always abhorred, sometimes it is warranted.

All seemingly onerous tasks are not ordeals to be suffered.

I forgive everyone for everything they did that I once found unacceptable. How can I hold them in contempt for favouring self-interest, if it’s someone who should be held in contempt is the one who didn’t. And while I am at it, I’m forgive myself too.

Do you also have the discomforting lack of closure? Everyone does!

People to us are what we imagine of them, be heedful of associating yourself with this image of them inflexibly for it’s bound to break with time.

A foot in a poem, composed of syllables; a bar in music, composed of notes; a sentence in literature, composed of words. They are just boundaries of language, different names for the same thing.

A semicolon is like love, it can make more meaning by joining two sentences that could very well stand on their own separated by a period.

Love is like a semicolon, it can make the existence of two people more meaningful who could have otherwise made perfect sense being on their own, separated.

When you understand something down to its fundamental building block preferably by experience and then internalising it by reason, that it so say, by its first principle. It becomes much easier to innovate, optimise, integrate and disseminate. When you understand something granularly, it is possible to improve each part to improve the overall system, integrate different parts, add more parts and transfer this information to others more easily.

When we read a subject, a topic or a treatise; we are looking at the fruit. We should try to not only understand the fruit but go to the root of the tree that bears this fruit.

Each idea has layers and hierarchies, it’s only when we understand them that we can truly innovate and add our own contribution to the idea, to make a new idea.

A day is when any meridian, let’s say your meridian completes one full circle while rotating counter clockwise as it does. Its length can be different depending upon the star you are taking as a reference. So, next time someone tells you that they are as sure as the day ask them if it’s a sidereal day, solar day or some other star they are referring to.

First you need to take the uphill climb up to the vantage point to see things clearly.

You need to work the oars before taking the helm.

You will find strength in the most unusual places.

No one criticises their patron.

I couldn’t spend my life with someone with a small heart.

I only gave you what you wanted.

Price and value are two different concepts, use them wisely and discretely, most importantly, know when to use which and where.

Enjoying life more by experiencing it less is nothing more than an escape.

Don’t block out something that overwhelms you, embrace it instead, for it means something.

The elation of overcoming fears and sorrow is far better than the joy experienced by escaping them.

The vicissitudes of human behaviour.

When someone becomes a chapter in the book of your life from being the title, quite literally. You need not be told anything more.

If you allow, some people can change your life.

The future is uncertain; you are not a clairvoyant, knowing this fact! how you can worry about what happens – for whatever happens is good or bad, you can only judge when you get there.

The title of your book cannot go by anyone’s name or thought, they might be a chapter, but the title belongs to you and only you.

The future is unpredictable, so are people.

Treat yourself well, at all times, at all costs.

Do whatever it is that you want to do, if you like it, you should and you will do more of it. If you didn’t, you would and should not do it again. It is as simple as that.

It is often the hardest to do what you really want; we often get there by exclusion.

Don’t let the people who love you, wait. The world can wait. You can do anything, and it will be okay except if you don’t sort your priorities well.

Those people who don’t have their own stand tend to get convinced quite easily.

I don’t like to be treated as a fallback option, a second-grade choice; it’s not a matter of arrogance. No one ever wants that, it’s just that not all of us have the courage to speak up.

I still remember the innocent me who used to believe in everything said to him.

Confidence is not about acting brave in an instant or carrying yourself or speaking boldly, its about knowing and believing that everything is going to be all right, that you will handle it, whatever happens.

I’ve had the adoration and admiration of quite a lot of people, I can say with confidence that I know, people change.

People will change, their words, their promises and won’t remember the most intense thing they said. Learn to accept it with grace.

Do not mistake me for a cynic, I am just a realist. For I will not mistake you for dreamy, you are just fanciful.

If love was the answer for everything, we would never need to ask the question.

More than how people deceive others, what fancies me more is how do they deceive themselves.

Your conclusions are your conjectures and vice versa.

What do you see when you see a tree dancing in the wind? I mean what do you really see? The answer to this question can tell you a lot.

Everything is in a state of flux, then why is your mind trying to resist the way of the nature.

Have you seen any animal trying to force its way into an uncomfortable place? If they don’t like the weather, the either hibernate or migrate.

Feel everything as if it is for the first time or for the last time.

Why do we invest ourselves so much in the future?

I have seen friends do cruel thing to each other, friends helping out that even brothers won’t do. I am proud to have been on both, the receiving and giving end and somehow none of them have managed to make me something I am not, they shaped me sure but the integral element within me is still the same, that I can connect with myself still.

Hatred makes people do things they never imagined of doing, even to people they once loved.

Out of all the kinds of people, the person who gets my respect most is the person with the dagger, then comes the person with the cloak and the last one is who has both.

When you talk to someone and cannot focus on anything but them. They are special.

There are two kinds of shameless, one where you should feel the shame, still you don’t; the other, one in which you don’t need to feel the shame and you don’t.

You can do whatever you want, but you cannot scare me.

I saw wounded mountains today.

The opposite of avoiding ambiguities and suppressing doubt will help you.

Nothing really matters more than things your conscious shines the light on. It is usually the present, recent past and immediate future.

The exigent need for clarity can sometime force us to jump to conclusions by using not our cognition but by falling prey to our cognitive biases.

Adverse circumstances, be it deceit or disappointment are perfect opportunities to practice virtue.

Humans are generally good at copying or following suit, it seems unreasonable to me to not be able to use these skills to emulate virtues.

When someone asks you, how are you? It is a good opportunity to really ask yourself, how am I? And then just communicate the answer you receive to the person asking you. It’s a good way for you also to know, how are you? Remember, being busy is not a badge of honour.

It is not the number of hours someone works for which is the measure of a deprived life, but any number of hours spent in doing something against one’s will.

(Learn to) separate the facts from drama and least of all, don’t guise or veil them in emotional language.

Callous your mind. Walk towards fear. Constantly challenge yourself physically and intellectually.

You can take the journey of your life on a taxi which you need to pay for, mostly with your self-respect; in your car with someone else driving, only to serve him with directions and favours and other forms of payments, momentarily descry beauty; be in the driver’s seat focusing on the road and the views around better than before; or just walk, live and experience every moment, feel the earth beneath your feet and the sky above your head. It gets better and better as you gain control of your life.

Swing your arms and lengthen your stride; when it gets hard, remember what it feels like to overcome adversity and taste victory.

Fatigue – of the body or mind, is merely you trying to protect yourself. It’s the craving for comfort you can live without. Realise this and you will easily exceed your limits.

These days you can do pretty much anything with a laptop and your mind.

When people do things for you, don’t judge it in absolute terms if what they did but relative to their capacity.

When you meet a person, you meet the embodiment of all the persons that have met the person before.

To push the frontier, you first have to make it to the frontier.

There is a call, I keep waiting for. There is a call, I hope I never receive.

Life should be merited with love and hatred with indifference.

I don’t indulge in asking questions, the answer to whom is of no significance to me.

The direction of the air changes, the fruit and the smell of it changes too but what doesn’t change is its purpose.

And then it occurred to me, what is love? What is love for me? It is a good feeling for a person, feeling of giving, feeling of the togetherness of joy regardless of any value proposition or cost and most importantly the absolute absence of ill will or malevolence for that person. The wonders of love do not obey directionality, a ‘love’ received even in reciprocation is ‘love’.

Your absence is a pre-requisite of your forgiveness. If you want it, don’t come to get it.

I have no regrets, because what happened wasn’t because of something I wasn’t able to do or something that I did and shouldn’t have.

Some days are pure magic.

In today’s world, cynicism is sanity.

It is not what you are saying, it is more about, to whom are you saying. Some people will never understand you no matter what and how many times you try to tell them, some people need so few words that it may caution you from using too many and some people – they can even listen to your silence.

We continue to speculate about things that we see and happen with us, but it is also our duty not to ignore the hard facts.

I could not ignore her salience in my life.

The only real choice we have is to enjoy every moment while we have them. While, we have invented banks to store money, we must also realise that we cannot really store anything that is of real value.

Humans are more loss averse than profit keen. We tend to realise the true value of something when we feel that we are about to lose it, not while we have it.

The true nature of things is revealed to us not by a miraculous incident but by our own inner self responding to that event. We just need to listen.

I realised what a treasure it is to have a family.

I found a treasure and shortly after, I realised two things – I can never store it and no one but time can take it away from me.

Time is a thief you can never protect yourself against.

Everything that I lost until today, I have lost to time and myself.

You can hate me but cannot ignore me.

I will not teach you to do something specific, I only want you to make you comfortable with breaking the ice, crossing a dimension, acting out. Then, you will do many wonders, on your own.

To be mysterious you only need to provoke polar questions in people’s mind.

A photograph can help you freeze a moment in time that was initially seen, uniquely by you, that was found worthwhile to be shared with others.

I don’t know if it has made me the man I am, or It won’t let me be what I was to become. It is a soothing dilemma that I don’t know which one is worse, or is it?

People usually don’t accept if they think they have been underserved. The same is also the case when they are overserved. The only difference is that in the former case our conscious mind is working whereas in the latter case, our subconscious does the work.

If you can cook your own food, clean your own stuff, earn what you need. You don’t need no one.

I like to give phases of my life, names. It’s funny, I hardly remember telling two phases of my life to the same person.

Regular use of language is the bread and butter, but poem or verse is a delicacy. You can buy a loaf of bread and a stick of butter easily. But, to arrive at a delicacy, takes both ingredients and skill.

Love is just an old abstraction.

Poem is art, not a bunch of lines thrown in as an outpour of one’s feelings because that would need no meter or rhyme or even proper words.